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How does power pumping work

Does anyone know how power pumping works? I did a power pump 4 days ago at 9:30am. The day after I saw no changes in my supply. However, yesterday and today I pumped double what I normally pump at my 9:30am pump sessions. The rest of the day my supply is back down to what it typically is. Can I attribute the increased supply to my power pump? If so, I'll power pump everyday at different times!

Re: How does power pumping work

  • Power pumping does help. Just keep in mind that however much you pump varies throughout the day. You'd typically get more milk early in the morning.

    I'm curious as to what your power pumping routine is? What I do is pump every 10 minutes within an hour. So it's pump 10 minutes and rest 10 minutes then pump again. Doing that helped after DS started solids and my supply tanked.
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