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unique baby boy names

I have looked and looked and am having the hardest time finding a name! Ive only found one I have considered,
Kingston, any other suggestions I need help I cannot let my bf name him rampage!

Re: unique baby boy names

  • Yeah I'd avoid Rampage, lol.

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  • Jameson is clearly an excellent name ;) 
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  • Kingston is nice, but it is not unique, it is actually becoming a very popular name these days.

  • My husband and I chose the name Ezekiel, meaning the strength of G-d. I think some of the biblical names are very played out, like John, Luke, and so on. I chose that because not only is it a biblical and strong name, but very unique. 
  • Were doing Jeremiah or Xavier
  • Don't like Rampage or Kingston. Can you imagine seeing a resume with Rampage on it?

    I prefer classic names, so these are my favs- Silas, Oliver, Henry, Jasper, Everett, Kellen, Owen, Jack

    Other good names- Cade, Casen, Carson, Porter, Wyatt, Max, Emmett, August/Augustine/Augustus, Bennett
  • Our two picks are Maximus and Nash.. Can't decide, though! My husband wanted something unique as well.
  • I saw a similar post on the What to Expect discussion board (if you don't have an account there, create one... the discussions are pathetically hilarious) and the responses were absolutely ridiculous. Many posts are similar to the June BMB post that @carleyec93 so kindly brought to our attention earlier this week.

    We are naming our son Kolter, which is a little more unique than I was originally planning (especially the K spelling) but DH loved it and now I can't imagine anything else. Our name is definitely different and not everyone's taste but the names suggested on the WTE board make our name look like a classic, similar to John or James. Some suggestions were Cyllis (Silas) and Sheyn (Shane). My brain was spinning.

    I really like PP suggestions of Jameson and Benson. I also like Kingston. All three of those were on our long list.
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