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Delivering at St. Barnabas - packing hospital bag

So has anyone delivered at St. Barnabas?  Im 32 weeks and starting to pack my hospital bag, and just curious as to what they supply and what I should bring.  I go on a hospital tour next week and will ask what they supply, but wanted some advice first from someone who has delivered there.  

Re: Delivering at St. Barnabas - packing hospital bag

  • Here goes: non slip socks, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, baby powder, bath gel, lotion), you can take everything from crib except for linen. They do not give formula to you.
  • Is there anything specific that you aren't sure about? For the most part, I found there were a lot of things they would give you if you asked. It all gets charged to your insurance under the miscellaneous hospital fees.

    In addition to everything mentioned above, they also provide mesh underwear/pads,diapers (I don't think they had wipes though), a shirt, hats & swaddle blankets.

    They also provide a breast pump for use during your stay, plus all of the pump parts. If you are having issues with breastfeeding (and that's your plan) they will give you pretty much anything you need to help with that - nipple guards, nipple shields, latch assist, lanolin etc.

    If you have a c-section, they will give you an abdominal binder if you ask.

    They will give you formula. I'm not sure if you have to ask or not, I think they offered it to me right before we left.

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  • I vaguely remember the nurses giving us some formula to take home, maybe a day or two's worth. Also diapers.

    I wish I knew that you could get an abdominal binder there. I didn't get one until over a week later and it helped so much.
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