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Small red pimples/spots on baby's face?

hi there my daughter is currently 5weeks old and has slowly come out with what looks like little red pimples over her face,head and a few on her neck. They are only very minor but just thought If anyone else has had the same thing? We have seen the Pharmacist and he said its just a small virus that she's got due to her immune system not fully developed. Any answers would be great

Re: Small red pimples/spots on baby's face?

  • It's just baby acne caused by hormones being flushed from the body. It will go away on its own.
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  • Thanks sunnyday :-) she is also sleeping lots more at the moment. Probably due to her getting it out of her :-)
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  • My girls get that too especially when hot or have contact with different materials. It's their new skin adjusting to our harsh world and is also affected by the hormones as mentioned.
  • My LO had it for about 3 weeks. Went away on its own.  Very common. Nothing to be worried about.
  • Went to my pediatrician this morning, she gave me prescription cream to put on my daughters face for the next 7 days. My daughter is 5 weeks old and her face is covered in it, she's had it for about 10 days already but it went untreated because we originally thought it was heat rash. Dr said it can happen over and over for 3 months. Thankfully my daughter is not irritated by it.
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    My lil girl has it, it started on 1 side of her face and creeped to the other, i hate people commenting on it! I did a lot of research, it's hormones and it should go away in 2-3 weeks. It started to clear on the side it started on so i'm hopeful! Good luck
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