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hi ladies!
I searched a few pages and didn't see us anymore. Figured it might be time to start a new checkin for the week!

Soooo, how are you this week? Any good stuff coming up? Or shit you want to bitch about? ;)


  • I hate people. And by people I mean parents who can't act like human beings when it comes to raising their children. I hate them and hope they choke on something rusty and sharp.
    I also hate Comcast cable and having a head cold so bad I can barely breathe. I guess you could say I'm pretty hateful today.
    I am looking forward to next weeks Drs appt. And to this Thursday, the last day of school that will result in hateful stupid people who can't grow up and coparent like adults no longer being my problem.
  • So I am now only 3 weeks away from the time I lost baby last year (17 weeks). No matter how many times I hear that it probably won't happen again and that everything looks great in this current pregnancy, I still can't get past the upcoming dread. I don't want to sound crazy when I go to the dr's on Thursday but I want to ask if I can get the heartbeat checked every week until our next appointment (at 18 weeks). Is that unreasonable?

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  • Totally reasonable. I got a bit nervous today when I realized that I'm half way through my last pregnancy marker at 23 weeks.
  • @beckah31 I hope Thursday gets here quickly for you!

    @keiragann I think it is only normal to feel that way. I have past the time that I had all of my losses and the fear still sneaks up on me, but I can say it has gotten a lot better the last 2 weeks. Hopefully it will for you also once you begin distancing yourself from that date.

    I have actually been doing great. Went in for my appointment yesterday and the heartbeat was in the 160s. I'm now officially in the 2nd trimester. Besides headaches I really have no other issues. My doctor did add more appointments every two weeks so I now am I'm scheduled until 28 weeks every two weeks to see her. The appointments are just her asking me how I am and checking the heartbeat, but it's a great peace of mind.

    I am getting really excited because my belly is starting to get a round look to it that is here all day. Before it was only noticeable at night. I am pretty small (size 0) so I'm hoping it will be the beginning of a bump soon and not just bloat.

    I hope everyone else doing well.
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    @kieragann totally reasonable. i asked my doc if i could come in every 2 weeks until 14 weeks and she said no. i hope it goes better for you!

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    @somedayinmyarms i'm so jealous and happy for you that you're at 14 weeks! And that you get appointments every 2 weeks- that's all so great!

  • Oooh! @CMDD that would have led to a serious discussion! I don't like being told no when I have a legitimate concern. I hope she was gentle about it and have lots of reasons why it wasn't necessary.
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    I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and still just waiting around for my next appointment. A week from today I have to do blood work (i am not good at getting bloods done) and then I have an appointment that same day and I plan on begging for an ultrasound to make sure everything is still okay. it's the waiting game around here and it's so hard to wait.

    Plus i am sick of having a bloated belly!

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    Beckah31 said:
    Oooh! @CMDD that would have led to a serious discussion! I don't like being told no when I have a legitimate concern. I hope she was gentle about it and have lots of reasons why it wasn't necessary.
    She just said that this is a normal healthy pregnancy and there was no reason to act like it's not. I guess she meant to make me feel better but it's really just too hard to wait a month between appointments!

  • I completely agree. I think for me it's the problem of knowing that it wasn't that something was wrong with the twins, it was my body that failed us. Whether that was because I was carrying two, or because something else was wrong is irrelevant to my anxiety.
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    1st u/s Friday. Ive only had a nurses visit so far and I believe Ill be 12 weeks by Friday. Im worried ive let myself get too confident about this pregnancy. With my mmc, I never had a single pregnancy symptom, this time ive been so sick and I now have a definite bump where my uterus is (a little lopsided right now, hopefully that will even out

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    @nellybellycat aw let us know how it goes on friday. I'm glad you've been able to feel confident and excited about this pregnancy! 

  • My comment got cut off-I know its out of my hands and Ill be ok either way but I feel like my adventure either officially begins or ends Friday

  • Hi ladies, I'm new to the board.  I'm 10+2 and still not nearly as excited as I'd like to be.  I haven't even told my siblings yet, although the grandparents and my husband's siblings know.  I was so excited when I was pregnant with my daughter, and after having 2 MCs (both right around 5 weeks) since November, you'd think I'd be more comfortable now that I've gotten further than the last two pregnancies combined, but I'm just not.  We had an u/s at 8 weeks, and the baby was appropriately sized and had a good heart rate, but I still worry that I'm going to see blood just about every time I go to the bathroom (which, of course, is ALL THE TIME).  I'm hoping that once I start hearing the heartbeat at OB appointments and feeling movement that I'll worry less.

    As far as shit to bitch about, my younger sister is due to have her 3rd baby in about 8 weeks.  She's due 9 days after I would've been, had it not been for the first MC, so that's been super fun.  Especially as this is her 3rd in less than 4 years and was definitely an oops, so friends of ours, who don't know about my MCs, have been full of comments about how fertile she is.  As proof that we all have our problems, she has a history of preterm labor, so for her last pregnancy and this one, she had to start getting shots in the stomach at week 16.  Yesterday while my mom and I were talking, Mom mentioned sis's weekly shots and then said, "So at least you don't have to worry about that!"  (Right, I just had to worry about two miscarriages and the constant fear that I'll lose this pregnancy too.  I think I'd rather have the shots.)  Earlier in the same conversation, when we were talking about how excited DH's family was about our news, I said that they had apparently been getting rather anxious for grandbaby #2, to which my mom replied, "Well, we knew it would happen when you were ready."  Again, uhh... that's not quite how it worked out.  And this is from my MOM, who is usually pretty thoughtful and is one of only 4 people who even know that we've had losses.

    So that's my bitching for the week.  Sorry about the long post!  :/
  • Had my second appt yesterday and HG has officially caused me to lose another 10lbs. Dr gave me some new medicine and scheduled me for a Sono this Friday. I'll be exactly 11 weeks. :-) My husband was actually able to ask off early so we both get to see our little one together. Last time I had an u/s, it was a tiny little blip. He wants to see me every two weeks until this sickness goes away to make sure everything is OK otherwise I get the lovely pump again. :-/
  • @keiragann, it doesn't seem unreasonable at all to ask to come in every week to hear the heartbeat, given your previous loss.  Even if your dr is convinced that this pregnancy is healthy, if they're sensitive, they'll understand your concern and should want to allay your fear.
  • @vbrannin2010 - ugh!  I'm sorry to hear about the HG.  A good friend of mine had that when she was pregnant, and I know how miserable she was.  I hope it ends soon for you.  On the bright side, at least you get another ultrasound as a result - it should be great to see how your baby has grown!  And given how many PGAL ladies would like more frequent appointments for peace of mind, it's nice that you get that, at least.  Obviously, these two things don't make up for being so sick, but at least there's a silver lining to your cloud.  Good luck!
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    @vbrannin2010 holy moly, 10lbs down! I'm so sorry you're going through that. And yay for getting to 11 weeks!

  • CMDDCMDD member
    @blueskies i'm glad you joined us! I totally understand how you feel about not getting excited- I think a lot of us would. I'm at 10 weeks tomorrow and I dont feel like I can believe it's real. I hope you feel better when you move into the second trimester- i'm hoping that's when i feel more secure. 

  • @keiragann nothing wrong with that I check my hb every other day for reassurance ;) we all need a moment to be neurotic and scared, we've earned it
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  • Yay we're back! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and having positive appointments :)

    I have my NT genetic testing u/s tomorrow. I will be 11w 5d (holy cow I can't believe it!). I already had the blood drawn so I will receive the results at the appt.

    We told all of our close friends we were pregnant last week. We hosted a party and did a bar crawl so it was going to be impossible not to bring it up lol. I was a little worried about announcing in the first tri but our dr has been very reassuring. I think tomorrow will be the last of our holding back excitement if it goes well. I'm so nervous but optimistic :)

    Good luck to us all, we're almost to the second tri!! :D
  • I'm sitting in my OB office, just my regular appointment. Nothing special. But will the anxiety every go away? I've been a nervous wreck all morning. Dreading the moment they try to hear the HB on the Doppler. What if it isn't there? Then what? Despite a fabulous NT scan last week at the high risk.

    Will I ever feel comfortable that an appointment will go well?
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    kimb311 said:
    And see?! This is why I'm alway a wreck! They couldn't find a heartbeat with the Doppler! Rushed me over to the ultrasound tech. Thankfully, everything is good. 159 HR but come on man! I don't need to be scared like this! On a positive note, I can get off the progesterone! and my dr said if I just need some reassurance over the next 4 weeks, to call and come in for a heartbeat check. It made me cry!
    That's really really sweet of your doctor. 

  • 13w2d here. I had a mmc June of 2013, got pregnant unexpextedly next cycle, had my DD in April of 2014, and a ruptured ectopic in oct. of 2014 and lost my left tube. I can't help but be so scared something will be wrong and me not know it. I had very little nausea for about a week this pregnancy and no MS since. (Which I am thankful for, by the way, just threw me off since I had MS with my DD). I heard the heartbeat on the Doppler when i was 10w but the wait in between appointments is soooooooo long. And knowing how many things go wrong even past the first trimester makes me so anxious. Haven't had a US since around 7 weeks and just want to know everything looks healthy and strong in there!! No matter what the Lord is good. I just feel like a worry wart. Can't we just have an ultrasound machine attached to us at all times?!
  • Hi ladies, glad to hear we're all hanging in there and doing well -

    I had my nuchal translucency test last Weds - everything looked great on the ultrasound, but I have a PAPP-A protein in the 2nd percentile which calculated my risk of Downs to be slightly higher than expected for my age. After checking the internet (a dangerous place!), I learned that some other women who have this low protein have a risk of 1/35 or 1/50, when mine was still just 1/551, so I didn't feel the need for further testing.
    My OB called the next day to discuss the results, as I had the test done at the maternity center next to my hospital, and told me she thinks I should get the extra genetic testing 'for peace of mind.'

    I had peace of mind, until she said that.
    So I went on Monday and spent an hour and fifteen minutes with a genetic counselor to give every detail of both families' histories and look at diagrams of chromosomes. It's great to be educated, but when the education has a potential context it's really nothing but stressful. You have to sit down with the counselor before you get your blood drawn - I know the test has lots of different names, but for reference this is the MaterniT21 or Harmony test or whatever your insurance carrier might call it.

    Two weeks for the results, so I'm just trying to live my life and hang in there. I go back to my OB for a regular appointment on the 10th, so we'll see if I have my results by then. I think my OB just wants to make sure my elevated risk is due to the protein and nothing else - and I know I could hear the subtext: "well, you've lost two pregnancies so let's just see." She didn't say it but I heard it.

    In other news: stabbing pains in my vajay, still exhausted, and you might all think I'm cray-cray because I'm only 13w3d, but I think I've been feeling the baby move since Friday. It's only once in a while, and I only notice if I'm sitting still or laying down, but I've been getting this intermittent feeling that is unlike anything I've ever experienced, and it happens on and off all day. It's very slight, but definitely a fluttering or the rolling of a hamster wheel. I've been having plenty of muscle spasms/round ligament pain/etc./gas so I know what it's not.

    That's my two cents - or twenty-five cents, as it were, because I was (a little!) verbose.

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  • Had my 12 week appointment. Took doc about 5 minutes to find the heartbeat with the Doppler, but he finally did!! yay!!
  • We have our next appointment tomorrow, which will be 11 weeks exactly. I have been feeling calm, especially since we are now a week further than we go before, but I'm starting to be nervous that they won't be able to hear the heartbeat tomorrow and I know that can be very normal this early on with a Doppler......but then will they make us wait another month for reassurance? Oy! I've started having cramps for the first time since the beginning of the pregnancy, but it seems that is "normal" for 10 trying not to worry! Glad to hear that @theawc42 , @rain0831boww . Prayers for you @angetralala !
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  • @charmndmom they wont make u wait anther month if they can't find the heartbeat with a Doppler. Most likely they'll schedule you an appointment for another ultrasound in a day or 2.
  • @CMDD yup... I to my husband that at this rate at least I'll look like a skinny model instead of a swollen whale. He just glared at me and said he preferred meat on the bones. Lol I'm 5 4 and weighed about 135 pre pregnancy. Hoping for better days
  • Hi ladies! Just hanging in there until my ultrasound next Friday. I'm 11w5d. I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief in 9 days (hopefully) and will start telling people! I have been feeling soooooo tired. Just actually fell asleep on the couch while my son was napping, which is very unlike me.
  • Was happy I put on weight for the first time in my life. Doctors appointment went well. Heard baby's heart beat on Doppler for the first time. 14w4d!!! Next appointment at 18w2d, than anatomy scan at 20w4d
  • Oh this is no good. We are on the 3rd page already! :-S
  • @kimb311 that just means we're awesome!!
  • In other news, while I can't feel movement, I'm very aware "something" is going on in my uterus, I can feel it when I bend over now.

    Not the baby, my bumpy uterus. Just for clarification.
  • @Beckah31 I know exactly what you mean. Feels like I have a tennis ball stuck in there!
  • Just got back from my second OB appointment. I lost 9 pounds thanks to morning sickness. Babies heart rate was 152. They are going to call me with my Anatomy Scan and Fetal Echo appointments. My midwife told me I can come in whenever I want for heart rate checks since I'm coming up on my 17 week loss. She also told me to go to the doctor and get something for my cold and she said take whatever they give you because I need you to give that baby oxygen.

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  • I had my u/s on Monday to check for twins {one happy baby baking away in there} and am waiting 2 weeks until my next u/s.  It's the big one, anatomy & amnio.  I finally announced my pg on FB this past weekend at 13w3d.  Im feeling better now that I feel like I'm safely in the 2nd trimester, and got to see the little wiggle worm on Monday.  That really helped.  But now I'm starting to freak out that we won't get a healthy report back from the amnio.  The odds just aren't in our favor.  We have a 50/50 chance of having a healthy baby, scientifically speaking.  In practice, with the 3 documented cases of my husbands chromosome inversion, there have been 0 healthy babies out of 16 documented pregnancies...  I just keep thinking, I can't lose another infant.  Isn't twice enough? Of course I thought that same thing going through it last time, wasn't losing 1 child enough?  and I survived.  But honestly, I'm sick and tired of JUST surviving.  
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  • @imfunsizeniki Hoping the best for your next ultrasound! 
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