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Inconsiderate people( rant.. )

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Personally I can't stand cigarette smoke and never will and ever since I became pregnant it seems like I just cannot get away from it , it's literally everywhere I go. I feel helpless because I can't do much to stop it and when I inhale it because it's in the air I breathe I don't know if it's just me but my baby always moves alot right after ,like it's affecting him that fast.. I know second hand smoke and the smell is worse then ever , and it's like I might as well be the one smoking and I hope other people's doing doesn't harm my child even though theirs people that still smoke while pregnant or always around it and their kids come out fine , I just don't want mine to have any issues because someone doesn't have consideration for people around them ..

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  • Baby2HGBaby2HG member
    I hate it too. Especially nasty pot smell. If I'm not smoking it. I don't need or want to inhale it.
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    I hear you! I'm highly allergic to smoke and if I'm around smokers, it's a guaranteed trip to urgent care for a breathing treatment plus a day or two off work after. I get that it's their right to smoke, but it costs me so much every time they exercise that right. It impedes on my right to breathe for a couple days plus earn money at work. [-(
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  • kedbachkedbach member
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    I'm in the same boat, highly allergic and cannot stand the smell! It makes me so sick! The most annoying part is- if you can't smoke inside a restaurant or business, why do inconsiderate jerks feel it's okay to smoke right outside the door and make people walk right through their huge cloud of smoke?!! It's so frustrating!!!
  • mrieemriee member
    Yesterday I saw a women light and smoke a cigarette right over her baby in its stroller!!! In my opinion all cigarettes are gross.
  • I don't run into it much where I am, but I do think that there are laws about how close to an entrance people can smoke, especially at a place that serves food. If it's an issue somewhere you go consistently, maybe look it up and let the place know you would really appreciate them enforcing it.
  • Honestly, I smoked before I found out I was pregnant. I did quit that day and haven't smoked since nor do I plan to ever start again! I feel so great now that I quit, and now looking at "smokers" now that I'm not a smoker makes me think "what the hell was I doing?" They look stupid, and this may be mean and I don't mean to offend anyone but, a lot of times people who smoke kind of look trashy...I'm so glad I don't look like that or smell like that anymore!!! My SIL who is also pregnant (we are 5 days apart) STILL smokes cigarettes and pot!!! And she smokes quite a bit too...makes me so sad...and the worst part is she is on the heavier side so if you didn't know she was pregnant, she wouldn't look it and while she is smoking she will brag to strangers that she is expecting...I don't know how she thinks that's okay...
  • Hey Ladies, I'm due the first week of September and lurk on the August board from time to time since baby could very well come a couple days early and be an August baby! :)

    Anyways, this also annoys the living crap out of me. In fact, one of my memories of my little BIL and SIL's mom is her standing out front of their house smoking a cigarette, holding my 12 month old BIL while CLEARLY pregnant (around 7 months along) with my little SIL. It still infuriates me thinking about it to this day. No consideration for her unborn baby girl OR her 1 year old baby boy. Also, my little SIL was born a month and a half early and was kept in the NICU due to premature labor -____- . (Their "mom" hasn't been seen in 5 years and my little BIL is turning 7 this year... Mother of the freaking year).
  • I have always hated smoking. Nearly my entire family smokes so it's almost impossible for me to avoid it (however I DO manage)!

    When I'm out in public I've always been irked by people who smoke in public places (i.e. right outside of a restaurant or walking through a crowd of people in a theme park, etc.) but since being pregnant, I feel a RAGE inside me when I smell cig smoke. I have always felt an annoyance because I choose not to smoke for a reason. I hate the smell and what the chemicals do to your body-- I shouldn't be subjected to it just because YOU made a different choice. But being pregnant has taken it to a whole new level! I straight up glare at complete strangers and it takes everything in me not to say something to them.   
  • My hubby's Gma smokes in the house and she will light up a cigarette right next to me and it drives me insane. It's honestly why I don't spend a lot of time outside our bedroom and when she lights one up next to me I get up and move instantly. It just really sucks because she smokes so much so even when I'm out there just to make food it's in my face and every time I smell it all I think about is my little girl and how it could harm her. Then I get mad and try to make my food cook faster so I can get her away from it
  • @santistevenmommie: Have you asked her to be more considerate? I'm sure there's a much nicer way to say it than I did at my brothers wedding this past April:

    My SIL's brother was chain smoking and kept standing next to me while smoking (it was an outdoor wedding). Literally I could not get away from him. Finally by the end of the evening I'd had it and said "We're family now so I feel comfortable saying this: Please get the F*CK away from me with that thing. I KNOW you can see that I'm pregnant." It was a little harsh but it was what worked for his personality (a pretty big smart ass/jerk). I didn't have a problem after that :)

    Sometimes you don't get what you want until you ask for it!
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