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Breast pump flanges

I've been pumping for 3 weeks and have quite the collection of flange sizes. 3 - 24m, 1 -27m, 1 -30m, 1 - 36m. I keep going up in size. It's annoying to spend so much money on flanges. I want to have multiple of the flanges I end up using that fit best but feel bad I've wasted so much money on flanges that don't fit. Is it common to buy so many to figure out the right fit?

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  • The LC in the hospital told me what to buy. What a bummer that you had to buy so many! I am a 30 and tried to use the 24s as a backup, not good. I'm pumping until she will latch and think I'm just going to suck up washing them each time.
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  • Yep, a real pain... I have to use a 24 on one side and a 27 on the other side.
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