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High thyroid levels

When getting re screened to gear up for my fsh clomid iui cycle my bloodwork came back as me having a high thyroid level. Anyone out there had high thyroid levels? And when did they let you continue to do a treatment cycle?

TTC since 2012 

Dx : DOR

IUI #1 (Follistim switched over to Menopur injections) - BFN

Attempted IUI #2 (Menopur injections only cycle) better response on the Menopur then the Follistim combination treatment cycle however my cycle was still canceled due to my eggs not maturing and follicles not growing enough on a high dose of Menopur (Re said I could try a cycle of comid + ovidrel  for an IUI) for my second IUI( praying this works for us)

  Clomid + Ovidrel protocol worked still a BFN as a result

Attempted cycle  Clomid  + Ovidrel protocol for IUI # 3 (Unable to do this cycle due to a cyst)

IUI # 3 Clomid+ Ovidrel protocol - BFP    Beta #1 752  Beta #2  1536    Beta #3 3797

EDD 10/27/14

Our sweet baby boy arrived on 9/2/14 TTC # 2 Conceived without help- June 2015 July 2015- Miscarriage ( blighted ovum)
March 2016 (ectopic pregnancy) :( 




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Re: High thyroid levels

  • eswany1eswany1 member
    I had high thyroid but we got it under control before we started the process of ivf Make sure when u get on medicine you take it 1 hr before u eat in the morning at least that's wat my med said and I never paid attention to it so it never worked for 2 years come to find out. My med won't work enless I did it that way so you might want to ask the pharmacy or doctor
  • 1983Lindsey21983Lindsey2 member
    edited May 2015
    I have been on synthroid for years for hypothyroid. My dosage now is 100mg. It's a good thing your doc found it as it can really affect fertility and many other things like weight, energy levels, nails and hair loss. The previous poster is right and the meds must be taken on an empty stomach. Also, I was told to avoid dairy and calcium for at least two hours after taking it as it can block proper absorption. I think it took about six weeks to get my levels to where they needed to be. Good luck and I hope they get it straightened out fast!
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    ME: 32, SER aggregates on eggs, anovulatory
    DH:  33, 2% morphology
    TTC #1 
    2 clomid cycles, 3 hybrid clomid/bravelle IUI's = 4 BFN/1 [email protected] 5.5 weeks
    IUI #6 -Follitism IUI cycle converted to IVF and back to IUI-4 mature, 3 maybe mature = BFP!!   DS Born 9/2014
    IVF #1 9/15 Antagonist- 19 R 1F (Frozen day 1 @ 2PN stage) Diagnosed with SER aggregates in 13/19 eggs after failed fertilization
    IVF #2 11/15 Antagonist w/ICSI  (Higher stims & Letrosole added last minute on stim day 7)- 39R, 24M (20/24 SER free), 15F (14/15 SER free & all frozen @ 2PN stage) 
    FET#1 Cultured all 16- 2pn embryos to day 5- transferred 1 good hatching blast and 1 early blast on 1/28- None to freeze - beta 2/5

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  • Hi there,
    I just wanted to share my story of having High thyroid levels. TTC for 14 cycles before they realized I was Hypo and that the ideal TSH level should be under 2. I was on Synthroid for 3 weeks and my doctor decided to re-check my levels it was down to a 1.5 (Ideal for TTC) I figured June would be my month since my thyroid needed to be functioning properly before I would get my BFP. We got referred to an RE to begin IUI or IVF treatments and we were waiting for our letter for an appointment date, when I had bleeding gums a few days before AF was due and BAM BFP!! First one ever! 15th cycle worked for us and I truly believe it was because of the Synthroid and my Thyroid being balanced.
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