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Whole 30 & Supply?

While breastfeeding is my number one focus - my husband and I were thinking about doing a whole 30. I am mainly doing this because I am sick of the processed foods - living on lasagna and burritos as I was. My baby is almost 7 weeks and gaining well. I've already cut out dairy bc of reflux so that should help.

I have done research and it seems like the whole 30 is great bc you don't limit your food - you eat as much as you want just whole foods. I am contemplating keeping my lactation granola for breakfast.

Has anyone done this and had issues or success?

Re: Whole 30 & Supply?

  • I eat paleo constantly, and since giving birth and BF I've just made sure I'm getting a decent amount of food each day. You shouldn't be limiting calories or nutrition on the Whole 30 so therefore there's no reason for your supply to suffer.
  • My guess, and it is just a guess, is that it would affect/reduce supply. While I don't know the specifics of this diet, when you switch from a high carb diet to a low one, there is an induction period where the body/muscles are depleted of glycogen before changing the mode of metabolism. This can be quite unpleasant and stressful to the body.

    (I was Paleo pre-pregnancy, and added potatoes during pregnancy per advice I found online. Postpartum, there are some days where I'm low carb, and not on others. I have no supply problems so far at 11 weeks.)
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  • Is there a reason for doing whole 30 just because you want to cut out processed foods? I started cutting them when my first was born because I wanted us to be as healthy as can be. We eat pretty much all homemade (burritos are often on our menu, all homemade with fresh real ingredients), whole foods. I didn't do any "diets." I find that's usually more successful anyway. 100 days of real food is the site that got me started.

    Also, while I've seen lots of photos on FB of my friends' whole 30 I'm not completely sure of what it eliminates. I don't think it would affect your supply unless it drastically cuts certain food groups (like carbs, etc.)

    Good luck!
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