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Breastfeeding supply?

I've been exclusively breast feeding for 2 and half months now, rarely a bottle.  I fed on demand throughout the day. It seems that my supply isn't as full as it once was. In the morning I can pump at least 5 ounces, at night only 1 ounce. 

I know this is somewhat normal.  I worry about my milk supply. She seems content and has plenty of wet diapers. How do you know if your supply is deceasing? And what can I do to increase it?

Re: Breastfeeding supply?

  • Look up power pumping. Also next time you're at the store get some fenugreek. That has really helped me: it will make your sweat and pee smell really sweet though so don't be alarmed. There are also some good recipes for lactation cookies and or bites. I exclusively pump so it's pretty easy for me to tel when I'm decreasing. Pumping doesn't get you as empty as baby so I have to try to increase every couple of weeks.
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    If she has wet diapers and is gaining weight I don't see any reason to worry about supply?
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  • Your milk supply is always much higher in the morning than at night. :)
  • If you are breastfeeding full time you shouldn't be able to pump barely anything after the baby has eaten. Your supply should be matched to her demand by now
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