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8w5d...symptoms gone over night?

I was diagnosed with hyperemesis aka extreme neaseau. I have felt awful 24/7 since week 6 and now today I feel nothing. I woke up expecting my normal vomiting, but it never came. I felt great for the first time in weeks...I'm thinking this is a bad sign :(

Re: 8w5d...symptoms gone over night?

  • It's extremely common for symptoms to come and go, and has nothing to do with the health of your child. This gets asked a half dozen times a week, so instead of stressing yourself out, just use the search feature to ease your mind.
  • I'm so glad you're feeling better! It sounded like you were miserable in previous posts. I agree with PP, lots of girls have experienced symptom loss, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. As long as you don't start cramping and bleeding, I would just enjoy the reprieve from your MS!!
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