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Sick only at night in 2nd tri?

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Hi :)

I might be here a few days early, but this seems like it may be a second trimester issue since it just started, so I thought I would bring it here.

I had pretty bad morning sickness all day since week 6. No throwing up, just constantly dizzy and sick. This past week, it stopped almost completely during the day. Yay! I have more energy and generally feel like myself again. That is, except at night. For the last few days, starting around 4 or 5pm I have had TERRIBLE nausea, worse than anything I've experienced during the first trimester. Last night I felt really sick but picked at my dinner anyway because I thought maybe I was just hungry, then threw up for the second time this whole pregnancy (while driving no less, ugh)!

Has anyone experienced anything similar or know what's up? I thought I was finally going to be feeling better.
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Re: Sick only at night in 2nd tri?

  • Yes, I am frequently sick later on in the evening.  You are not alone.
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  • Ive have been so nauseous at night! I try to eat my dinner early otherwise I dont want to eat. Im 15 wks and 4 days... Hopefully it is normal and ends soon! Ive also had a horrible taste in my mouth.
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