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Aiming for VBAC - Dr recommends weekly non-stress test

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Just wondering if this is normal, overkill, or what - 
I'm 28 weeks now, and my doctor is recommending that starting in week 30 I get weekly non-stress tests to monitor my progress. Is this considered normal? Overkill? Is it indicative of a problem? He says that it's just one of his protocols for VBAC patients, but I'm curious if anyone else has done this. I didn't do any non-stress with my first pregnancy, so I'm not even sure what to expect. Anyone have insights for me?

Re: Aiming for VBAC - Dr recommends weekly non-stress test

  • Usually non stress tests are only given at 40+ weeks just to confirm baby is doing well, whether VBAC or not. Is there a specific reason why your doc wants to start at 30 weeks?
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  • Overkill. If you have a low-risk pg otherwise, I'd refuse them until you go past due.
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  • WeringWering member
    My doctor says it's "just something he does for VBAC patients." I'm hoping to get a little more detail at the next appointment. I was wondering if its maybe something he does to keep his insurance rates lower?
  • They don't do stress tests here unless your high risk or until your 40 weeks +
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