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HBAC dilemma

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I'm sorry if someone has already posted on this, but I am feeling very anxious. Anyone critical of home birth or VBACs at home need not comment. I'm 30 weeks and at my last midwives appointment, LO was lying horizontally. I was forced to have a CS with my first because he was breech and no one in the area is trained to deliver a breech baby vaginally. The absolute last thing I ever wanted was a hospital birth and I felt like I was forced into it and everything was completely out of my control. I'm still not over all the emotional stress that went along with that. Now, I'm due with baby number two and all I want is to have her, peacefully in our home. I am over-analyzing every little kick and movement. I don't know if she is breech or not right now. The only responses I get from anyone when I tell them my concerns is, "oh, you've got plenty of time. It's fine." It's not fine. Last time all I ever heard is how much time I had, until the day that I ran out of time and was forced into a CS.

I need to know anything and everything that can possibly be done to make sure this baby gets into the correct position and stays there. I've been on the Spinning Babies website and followed all of their recommendations to ensure proper position. I've meditated, listened to hypnobirthing recordings, been to the chiropractor once a week to every two weeks and I sleep on my left side every night. I sit on my exercise ball, I do forward-leaning inversions and just about every other exercise and yoga pose that is supposed to help. The reason my baby was breech the first time is because my pelvic bones are very long and once he went head up, he was stuck there. Two external versions couldn't flip him.

I just was hoping there might be someone out there who can understand how I feel. I don't have anyone to talk to. My husband is sick of hearing about it and just tells me to relax and that it'll be fine. I can't sleep at night and every time my baby kicks I either get ecstatic because I think the kick is where it's supposed to be, or I get emotional because the kick feels too low. I cry all. the. time. And I hate it. I feel like I haven't even been able to enjoy this pregnancy because all I do is worry. Are there any other mamas out there who understand?

Re: HBAC dilemma

  • I get how you feel . Also planning an hbac. This kid is all over the place still. Sometimes head down sometimes breech. Trying not to stress but hard not to
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