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TTC After a Loss

Has anyone had a D&C then got pregnant ?

If so was it hard to conceive after. Was the pregnancy OK? Also how long did you wait to TTC? At 7 weeks baby did not have a heartbeat. Had a D&c then next day. Worried about TCC again.

Re: Has anyone had a D&C then got pregnant ?

  • Same with me! It's been 2 months since D&C. We just started to try this month. I'm very scared. We had the fetus tested and it came back chromosomal. Scared it will happen again.
  • It's been 2 months since I had my d&c too. 1st cycle wasn't a success. AF still here on cd3 for cycle 2. This question would probably be better suited to the "pregnant after a loss" board since this board is for TTC. Most of us are not pregnant here.
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  • Hi firstly so sorry for your loss, I too had a D&C 3 weeks ago and are currently ttc, my friend down south naturally mc 7 weeks ago and ttc as soon as she could and she never got her AF she got a bfp last week, so that was 6 weeks after mc. So there is hope, but also I am keeping things realistic that it may happen quickly for someone and may take a while for another, but i wish you all the best and really do hope you get a bfp very soon!! :)
  • I am very sorry for your loss. While there is always a chance someone here can answer your question based on personal experience (myself included), statistically most of this board is TTC after the loss of their first pregnancy. Since it is also a low volume board right now, repeating this over on PGAL might get you more answers. Click here for the PGAL board.

    Personally it took IVF for me to get pregnant after one D&C, but not after the other. Since my losses are caused by genetic issues unrelated to your chances of a successful pregnancy, I am declining to answer that part of your question, so as not to confuse your sampling.

    All advice given based on lengthy personal experience.

    I am not a doctor, I just have a working medical vocabulary.

    Always available to answer questions about loss, infertility, and TRP.


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