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Non-Baby Related Splurges

I went out today and bought a recumbent exercise bike because I am feeling like a cow lately but even walking causes me to get horrible crotch pain. I am hoping to use it when I watch TV at night and I figure even though it won't be an insanely intense workout, it beats the workouts (nothing) I have been doing!! Have any of you splurged on an item (non-baby related) for yourself that you wouldn't have if you were not pregnant?


Re: Non-Baby Related Splurges

  • Massages. I normally only spend money on spa type treatments for special occasions but right now I'm getting them regularly. I feel like they help me more with blood flow and decreasing swelling more than anything. Worth it :-)
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  • That's totally baby related, @Miz_Liz, and totally justified. Exercise is at least as important when your pregnant both for health and comfort, but your options are WAY more limited. I use this justification on purchasing workout packages. Also food- gotta get the good stuff since its for 2. Delicious meals- it probably evens out since I don't really but wine (poor excuse this round since, with a toddler, I didn't go out much to buy wine in the first place). I used it to justify a spray tan- I can't wear nice clothes or use my good face cream, so it's my only vain splurge!
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  • Miz_LizMiz_Liz member
    @amylianne I agree, definitely justified! I haven't even gained as much this time as I did with DS, but I started heavier this time around when I got pregnant, so I am feeling extra disgusting and it makes me want to cry that it is so painful to even go for a walk these days, let alone get on my spin bike - so hoping that this will be easier on my hips, etc. and I can actually use it!

  • Massages. I normally only spend money on spa type treatments for special occasions but right now I'm getting them regularly. I feel like they help me more with blood flow and decreasing swelling more than anything. Worth it :-)

    Same here! I got my first massage ever this month and I'm going back next month.
  • An expensive leather jacket - it's FABULOUS!!! It's coming into winter here in NZ so I feel like I can vaguely justify it ;)
  • My hair.  Oh my gosh...i dont freaking care, its just gotta look good. 
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  • Miz_LizMiz_Liz member
    jlsweets said:
    pedicures- I have become addicted! I think the ladies at the salon are starting to think I'm crazy- last time I was there they were like but your nails look so nice? ha - really I just want to be like do you mind if I just soak my feet and stay in the massage chair for 30 minutes and we can skip the cleaning and polish?

    I would be there daily if you could do that! But I want them to rub my feet too!

  • I cannot eliminate my me splurges! Massages, facials, nails and hair. All necessities as they make me feel good!
  • I just spent $100 on a pair of birkenstocks. I have ginormous feet anyway and would never have bought them if I wasn't terrified that my feet would swell and I would be able to fit in my sneakers or old navy flip flops I usually wear all summer.
  • I am getting a new washing machine delivered tomorrow. Ours hasn't been right since we moved in a year ago. The house and the washer sat and there's a mildew smell that will not go away. Can't believe how happy I am!!
  • I thought I hadn't bought any splurges then I read @breezymeema7 post and I remembered I bought a pair of lululemon pants with a drawstring waist when I was about 12 weeks. I would normally not have gone for that style but I figured the drawstring would allow me wear them longer. 31 weeks and I'm still wearing those things at least once a week!
  • tylerytylery member
    Also guilty of splurging on facials and prenatal massages. Got my first routine done last month as a treat for being 6 months prego, then came back this month. Will most likely continue for the next three months to come. It's so rejuvenating to treat myself to massages and facials once a month!
  • Today I bought $200 pyjamas. They are leopard print and so so comfortable. It's been ages since I've had a beautiful set of Pj's and I thought having a baby and the amount of time I'll be spending in them very soon justified my purchase. Maybe, maybe not.. But I'm in them right now so what's done is done.
  • My DH and I splurged on a memory foam mattress topper. I sleep so much better. I also splurged down the snack isle when I went grocery shopping $80 worth of groceries quickly became $145 worth.

    *This does make me seem like a fatty but in my defense I had a watermelon in my buggy as well**
  • I have been splurging on make-up lately.  I recently bought a ton of Bare Minerals and Urban Decay stuff on Sephora last week.  Maybe because I can't really buy clothes right now :)  I have already begun dreaming of the post-baby Fall wardrobe I will be splurging on.


  • me and my husband have been splurging on electronics.  we are both technology junkies and we just want to spoil ourselves a bit more before the baby gets here.  In hindsight though, I wish I wouldn't have skipped out on a vacation this year.  I opted out because I figured that I wouldn't have as much fun not being able to drink, but I'm regretting not going now :(

  • We finally signed a contractor to do our master bathroom. All the older families say it's the last update on the house before baby takes all the resources!
  • gulimzgulimz member
    Bi-weekly massages, manicures/pedicures, and a prada double bag. I still can't stop spoiling myself and my daughter is already spoiled in the womb.
  • Finishing our basement (beginning July) before baby comes! My excuse was that hubby works from home and what was the "office" is now the nursery. So now he needs a man cave/escape area/office/work space. Can't wait to have it all done!
  • Hair & nails!!!! I have found myself buying make up like crazy. I hardly ever wear which makes it crazy lol. My main make up buy is lip stains. I can't buy enough of them.
  • Hair, nails are normal for me anyway...but definitely keeping them up.  I've gotten massages once a month since the start of 2nd tri.  Our main non-baby related splurge is the kitchen is currently being remodeled. 
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  • EmJ628EmJ628 member
    I bought a pair of Tory Burch flip flops. I figured since I am not buying any new clothes this summer I could splurge on something I can still fit into!
  • Last week I splurged on a pedi/mani.. it felt amazing!

    I'm also planning on getting a spin bike but will probably wait until it's closer to 6 weeks after baby arrives. I'm so busy getting our house cleaned up, stuff moved in and unpacked, and ready that I won't be able to use it until then.

    I have been rarely getting things for myself and honestly getting a hair cut, eyebrows down, or going out for lunch with friends feels like a splurge already.
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  • @visualcircus LOVE my spin bike - just not right now this fat...but totally worth it, I have had mine for years, no regrets! Can't wait until it is comfortable to use again.

  • aveline8aveline8 member
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    Splurged on my dream bed from Pottery Barn, new mattress & box spring! We've previously bought all our beds at IKEA and only had hand me down mattresses so it was time. Cannot wait for the bed to come! in the meantime sleep is sooooo much better on the new mattress!
  • leighalou91leighalou91 member
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    Disneyland annual passes! I talked my husband into leaving work early the other day to drive down to disneyland (1.5 hrs away) and meet up with my family who was already there. We got there at 3pm and bought passes. Lol, it was all kind of an emotion-driven decision on my part... Lol woops! Oh well, I'm still excited about it!
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