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I'm writing a book, "What NOT to say to anyone pregnant or anyone who has given birth"

My MIL is notorious for always having something to say. When I had my first daughter she not only told my DH to get a DNA test but not even 5 weeks after giving birth she said "you are going to lose all that weight, aren't you?" Yes I gained 60lbs during pregnancy and after went from weighing 112lbs to 130lbs but my god.... A few months ago while DH facetimed her she asked how much weight I have gained so far. Today, she asks to see my belly and when she sees it she says "wow! How far along are you? Oh you look like you're WAYYY farther than 31 weeks! Are you carrying a tank in there?" I laughed but DH knew as soon as we hung up the bitching would start... How freaking rude!!! So I feel like I should dedicate a book to her. Feel free to vent all the sayings you've heard or stories!

Re: I'm writing a book, "What NOT to say to anyone pregnant or anyone who has given birth"

  • A cashier yesterday asked when I was due and I told her " middle of August". She says, "oh so you have a ways to go.... You look big". So rude.
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  • My neighbor yelled across our yard to my DH (my name) is getting fat, isn't she!

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  • My SOs mom and step dad live a block over from us and last night they decided to come over after they had hit the bar all day. His mom is trashed and sits by me and starts poking my belly saying hey b**** wake up and move. I about went off on her but decided it would just make things worse.
  • My boss told me it took 5 years to lose her baby weight and she really hopes it doesn't take me that long. We don't work in the same state so she hasn't even seen me.
  • My coworker asked me if am I sure I'm not having triplets. After I shot him a look of horror he mistook it for "I didn't hear you" and repeated it again! I've only gained 11 lbs, joking or not I was miserable the rest of the day.
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    When I told a coworker I hadn't had morning sickness yet: "oh you will, and I can't wait. All women should have to go through that." Um, eff you?

    Another coworker giggled and said "I love your pregnant ankles, they're so cute!" I do not have pregnant ankles. They're really not even the least bit swollen. So I wasn't offended so much as annoyed that she was being ignorant and seemed to just want to make a comment about my body.

    This one is my husbands pet peeve: "oh you're so small! You're barely showing!" He thinks people are indicating theres something wrong with the baby and it makes him mad. In truth, I just tend to wear dark colors and I like flowy tops. When I wear a normal tank top, holy cow is that another story!
  • My husband's grandmother came up to me at a get together we were having on mother's day and told me that she asked her daughter (my MIL) whether I was starting to show or not.  she said that my MIL had told her that no, i wasn't showing much yet, but women who tend to be wider in the hips do not show as early as those with a more "slender frame."  It was hard to keep on smiling after that!

  • Omg people are so cruel. Why is it so hard to just say congrats best of luck?!
  • @lelesmom I am sorry, but your MIL sounds like a real bitch!! I hope that your DH has put her in her place for being so rude to you!

  • My MIL is concerned about my eating habits and asks my 6yo niece if I'm eating well. My lunch pre pregnancy was a big bowl of steamed veggies. Daily. Granted, that changed when I got pregnant (though making my way back to enjoying veggies again) but seriously? I work all day and niece is in school, of course she's gonna thing I eat bad when I come home and have a few chips or something while cooking dinner. And for the record, my MIL has no room to talk about my health, weight, or eating habits.....least I know what my excess weight is from and that it will go away ;)
  • My coworker/friend's bump is more prominent than mine, and she's getting all kinds of comments that are unbelievable! 

    "About time?" says random stranger in our office building. "About time for what?" says friend. "You're, what, 9 months pregnant?" asks stranger.  "SEVEN" says friend, and closes elevator door before stranger gets in.

    "What are you still doing here?" asks random bathroom stranger. "What do you mean?" asks friend. "Aren't you supposed to be on maternity leave?" asks stranger. "Nope, not until late July," says friend. Stranger cranes neck to take a better look. "Oh, sure. You're not THAT big."

    Seriously, people have no class.
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    Yesterday a cashier told me "you look like you're going to pop" so I mentioned I still had 2.5 months to go and she replies "oh wow you're going to be miserable" I'm not even that big, but it's all belly on a petite frame... but still my body is not up for public discussion.
  • I have SPD so I pretty much waddle 99% of the time.  Every flipping day the deputy in my office building says, "Here comes waddles" when I walk in the door.  I get that he thinks it's funny but considering I'm in pain almost 100% of the time, calling me "waddles" or "penguin" is putting you pretty high on my "If I could kill you and get away with it" list.  

    Also, if I hear "Wow, you're so big for only being that far along" again, I'm going to scream.  Seriously, this is baby #4...my body knows what it's doing and I have YET to gain any weight...so shut your face! 

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  • Went into the break room to get a spoon today and a male co-worker yells (literally yells) 'GET OUTTA THE WAY FOR THE PREGNANT LADY!'. And then proceeds to tell me we need to make more room for me to get in and out of the break room. Ugghhh...people can be so annoying
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