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Sip and See Questions

Since I am Jewish, we did not have a baby shower and plan to have a Sip and See around 6 weeks. This will hopefully also prevent people from just stopping by to see the baby when our house and I are gross! I'm not sure though how to let people know we will be having this. Should I send out a little card with the birth announcement just saying there will be a sip and see with more info to follow? Or maybe combine the announcement with the sip and see as one? That would of course save on invitations and postage but may be tacky? Just wanted to get your opinions! Oh and I'm due 8/15!

Re: Sip and See Questions

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    I would drop verbal hints - "we are going to have a sip and see after baby is born". As for formal invites - do you want to invites "everyone" or just close family and friends? That would base my decision on how to send the invite. If you want to invite everyone, definitely include the invite with the birth announcement. If it's just a select few do the note with "more info to follow"
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  • I had never heard of doing this. I love the idea! My MIL has been hinting she wants to have a party for the extended family to meet our little guy like 2 weeks after he is born. I'm not thrilled with the idea of a bunch of people (even if they are family) passing around my newborn. This sounds like the perfect compromise!

    Based on Google, I think it's a-okay etiquette wise to include the info for the sip and see on the birth announcement.
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  • I would send out both invites together! Save yourself the time and postage of mailing them out separately... you'll have enough going on with a newborn anyway!
  • We are doing something similar with our families, mostly because they are out of state. Except my husband is Chinese and they call it a Red Egg and Ginger party. And our baby will be more like 2 months old by then.
  • We are doing something similar and I don't think it's tacky at all! I love it being called a sip and see. Never heard that. SO is running with that .. "Baby's first cocktail hour" :-p
  • I think it's a good idea to include it since I've never heard of this wonderful tradition so having a heads up to put it on the calendar would be good for people.
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  • Are you have a bris or baby naming? Or is it just the sip and see?
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  • It's fine to combine it
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