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water birth

Have any of you ladies had a water birth? If so, would you recommend it for a first time mom?

Re: water birth

  • GooblinGooblin member
    It's awesome!! I'm planning on another one this time. But every birth is different... If you do it and you don't like it or contractions slow down then you can get out and try something else. All three of my babies where birthed in different positions and places. My most comfortable on was def a water birth though.
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  • My hospital only allows you to labor in the water, not give birth.  But just laboring in the water was amazing!  I actually chose to 'labor down' for 1.5+ hours because I was just too comfy in the bath to get out and push, so yeah I would have loved a water birth.  My second came too fast to get in the bath.
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  • Thanks ladies...I've been seriously considering it ..just have to see if the hospital will allow it:)
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