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Has anyone bought any maternity clothes from ASOS? It's seems to be made for models vs real women.


  • As an expat living in a country with pretty much 0 maternity shops, asos was my god send with my first (and new look as I'm British) and i am not nor never will be a model lol! I would say that they size things based on UK than us bur they have a fab returns policy. I've been a happy customer since they started out
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  • I haven't brought any maternity clothes off ASOS yet, but have previously brought other dresses from them... They have all been made of stretchy material and I found the sizing to be reasonable (but agree it's more backed on UK than US sizing).

    I'm hoping a buy one or two maternity items just to see how they are, and what the fit is like because I'm not sure what sizing I should be ordering.
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  • I have an amazing dress from ASOS and a couple of tops. Always been happy with the service and quality wise you get what you pay for.

  • I have been happy with their clothes. I have gotten some pants and dresses but no tops but I assume I would be happy with those as well. Only thing I regretted buying my last pregnancy were the ASOS maternity jeans that weren't full panel. Where the elastic and jean met was too tight and I can't wear them. 
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    @ZucchettoBaby - This might be a silly question, but what's the difference between US and UK sizing? I saw that they do convert the sizing numbers on the US website, but didn't know if there was any other difference with the sizing.
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  • taysuntaysun member
    Having lived in England for two years I loved ASOS for regular clothes. If you add two sizes to your US size you get UK. So an 8 in the US is a 12 in the UK
  • If you go on ASOS it should automatically go to US pricing and sizing unless you obviously live in another country. I'm a 4 and that's what I buy there.
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