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first pregnancy meltdown

So, we picked up my step sons today for our weekend. I had to work a few hours so the hubby took them to get haircuts. He then sends me a pic of the oldest hair with a huge star cut into the side!!! School is not out, the little one has his kindergarten graduation on Tuesday, and I honestly just hate it! We have always wanted out kids to look nice and respectable. They do now go out looking bad. Ever. To me, this sends a terrible impression to everyone! So much for having them included in my maternity pictures!

I am seriously sitting in the baby's room crying. I know it's going to grow out, but not before graduation in 3 days.

Re: first pregnancy meltdown

  • How old is he? If he wanted it, I don't see the problem. He's a kid.
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  • I understand being a bit surprised, but he's only 5 years old, let him be a kid.
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  • He's 6. And the older one is 8. I have NO problem letting them be kids. Next week when school is over. We normally let them do Mohawks for the summer. But, he is graduating kindergarten on Tuesday. They could have waited one week to turn the entire side of their heads into a badly drawn star.

    I'm not saying I am rational. Goes back to my title of a pregnancy meltdown. Sometimes it's just the little things that set you off.
  • I would be very angry about this. I'm sure your hubby knows your feelings on keeping them presentable. He shouldve known to tell your son to wait for summer. Kids will be kids and if they want to express themselves, that's great. But there is a time/place for it. Their graduation is not it.
  • I'm sorry this upset you so much. Hopefully it will be something you can look back and laugh at. Maybe you can have him wear something extra preppy to the graduation to balance out the star!
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