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Lower back pain

Does anyone else have lower back pain? I'm 29 weeks almost 30. And it kinda freaks me out. I haven't seen a doctor since I the end of April . I moved w my husband to Waukegan il since he is in the navy and insurance is just kicking in June 1st.

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  • The lower back pain kicked in for me two weeks ago, right around 29 weeks. I think it's normal as the belly gets bigger.
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  • @noobmama83 it pretty much hurts and I have moments were I feel like throwing up if I burp. It's probably the weight we are gaining.
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  • Most likely sciatic nerve pain. A visit to the Chiropractor can do wonders!
  • I had bad lower back pain that turned out to be a bladder infection, with no other symptoms. Antibiotics knocked it right out. Can't hurt to ask.
  • Lower back pain and I are like best frenemies right now. It's something I've grown accustomed to. At 26 weeks and 6 days, I have a looooong way to go before this is over lol. The only relief I have now, are my hot baths. Submerging myself helps!
  • Oh yes. If it's a horrible brutal pain in your lower back and butt but doesn't extend to your legs, it's probably not sciatic pain. I was told I had sciatic pain in all three pregnancies, but just this week realized that isn't it. Look into sacroiliac joint pain. It fits me perfectly and the care for it is different than sciatic. I got the cheap belly band from motherhood maternity yesterday and it's making a world of difference.
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