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Excessive Vaginal Discharge

KenyaLAKenyaLA member
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was wondering if you lady's are experiencing excessive vaginal discharge and how are yall dealing with it? I'm due in less than 3 weeks & I'm constantly changing my panty linear, constantly showering cause I feel dirty & always staining my husbands basketball shorts. Please feel free to give me advice on how to coop with it.

Re: Excessive Vaginal Discharge

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  • CuijCuij member
    I personally wouldn't recommend the feminine wipes. They are usually lightly scented and full of chemicals. Everything is so sensitive and easily set off balance right now. The last thing you want is a yeast infection to go along with the excessive discharge.

    Up your pantiliner game to a pad or the Always extra long pantiliners. I like always infinity pads as they are super absorbent. If you want to wash and don't want to use a washcloth and water, try using an unscented baby wipe and rinsing it out with warm water before using it.

    I know how gross you must feel. I'm not experiencing it this pregnancy, but with my first it got so bad I went to L&D thinking my waters were leaking. :-&
  • I was wondering the same thing today! I am due within 5 days...and it has gotten my pantyliner so wet and even my underwear. I told DH I am sure I thought my water had broke over the night because I would wake up. My lord! It is crazy! Have to wear thicker one now! I am planning to buy me depends undies lol
  • katyertl said:

    I don't think there's much you can do. Get thinker sanitary pads and maybe invest in feminine wipes so you feel a little cleaner throughout the day

    This. There are plain water wipes if you are worried about infection from scented ones
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  • I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  • "Coop"- like a chicken coop? Or did you mean "Co-op".....

    Orrrrrr do you mean "cope". I suggest proofreading to go along with the Nose Freda. After all, we don't want another anal-anus mix-up.
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  • After I use the bathroom I rinse my private area with a water bottle, before i wipe with tissue, its part of Islamic culture to rinse with water after using the bathroom for cleanliness. Its similar to the perinal bottle they give you after you deliver. It keeps me fresh bc I also experience heavy discharge. Also try to shave, or prune down there & keep that area hair free, bc that hair can trap odors also.
  • Agh you ladies are killing me. Haha atleast ill die laughing.
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  • KreslaKresla member
    Panty liners, unscented wipes, and keep extra panties with you! I put an extra set in a ziplock in my purse then change them if I need to. I also noticed the cotton ones keep me fresher and feeling cleaner.
  • LAWD.

    Lmfao .... I just can't with y'all today. Lol
  • Man...I walked today and I felt more discharges and even when I'm sitting...so gross!!!!
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