When everyone wants Mama at once.

We have 4 week old twins and a 2 year old. I've been extremely luck and had DH home until last week. Now I'm juggling 3 kids alone most evenings as DH works shift work.

What are some suggestions to comfort two crying/fussy babes who aren't hungry?

Also any suggestions for caring for babies during bedtime of an older sibling?

Just curious what has worked for you. I hate when they cry and I can't respond immediately.

Re: When everyone wants Mama at once.

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    My 5 week old twins respond well to pacifiers (I use their swaddler to hold it in place for one of the babies who constantly lets it fall out), music, and mainly each other. I can usually get a few tasks accomplished if I put them un-swaddled (arms free) right next to each other, facing each other. Arms free is key so they can touch each other. I have a feeling they will be each others' entertainment for many years to come! Good luck mama!
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    We're dealing with this now too. Our girls are 8 weeks old and we have a 21-month-old as well. Now that the twins are awake and alert more, I'm struggling. Sorry that this isn't a helpful response, but you're not alone. I'll be following responses here...
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    I dreaded the double meltdowns in the early days. Baby wearing, swings, toys. I don't think there is an easy answer momma. Only time fixes that problem.

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    We use pacifiers, they help. I leave the TV off all day and ONLY turn it on for music (or a movie if it's been that rough of a day) if they just need to look at something else. I take them outside and let them chill on the porch. We used to move their jumpers out there too - they loved that, even in the winter all bundled up. I will sometimes take them into a different room. Oddly enough, if I was doing laundry or needed to clean the bathroom, if I just moved them around the house with me - they were perfectly content staring at the new surroundings or watching me do stuff. My husband used to prop them up on their boppies all over the house.

    Now that they are older we have their toys separated into different bags. Each day they get one bag to play with so they don't get bored having the same toys out every day. (That also makes cleanup easier.) For the bigger toys - jumpers, fisher price doorway, blocks - we try to do one activity at a time. I feel like they can get overwhelmed with too much stuff in front of them. Sometimes I put them in cardboard boxes or laundry baskets with a few measuring spoons and they would hang out. I actually did this when they were tiny too, just laid them on blankets. They like looking at new things. Oh and the ceiling fan is your friend!! Good luck!
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