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Favorite thread- For Fun!

ElRubyElRuby member
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OK ladies my insomnia has gotten the best of me and I really want to create this poll... Please let me know if I have forgotten a true gem! Otherwise... What was your favorite thread so far?

Favorite thread- For Fun! 61 votes

Hospital list with LED candles thread
19% 12 votes
The infamous cat thread
22% 14 votes
Ms. Virginia
57% 35 votes

Re: Favorite thread- For Fun!

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  • ElRubyElRuby member
    Oh boy I did forget that one and you can't edit polls! We will all be forced to choose among the three!
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  • Why do I have to pick just one?
  • I had to go with Mushrooms. It even got my panties in a twist, and I usually try to play it cool
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  • Minnesota nice ...haha banned
  • I got warned for cat thread too, for saying she was a selfish B.
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  • I don't understand why she keeps coming back when we're all so mean! Wasn't she one of the ones who whined about that?
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  • HayesRN13 said:
    Be nice ladies, I wouldn't be able to "coop" either if I was staining up all my hubs shorts ...

    Well, we're probably all weird because we don't have a relationship like hers where our husbands wouldn't mind us staining up all of their shorts...
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