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Nipple cream

we are expecting baby #2 in Aug and I know that breast feeding didn't go well for our first baby. I'm wondering if there is anything I could do befor the birth to help the process this time? Sorry for the TMI but I've noticed some crackling or crusting and I wonder if I should be using a cream now?

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  • Thj417Thj417 member
    Lanolin - it's the way to go! It's okay to use now but just give it time in the air to absorb or put on a barrier between nips and clothing as it is greasy and will stain. I started using early in my #1 pregnancy. Hope that helps.
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  • Nipple cream, nipple shields and those little cup things you but over your nipples when your not feeding to let them air out were my best friends in the first few weeks of breast feeding. After that I didn't really need any of it but I'll definitely be getting it all to set myself up for success this time.
    Also talk to the lactation concultant as much as you can while in the hospital and get her number or a number you can call if you need help/advice later on!
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  • I'm a ftm so thanks for this thread. So what is a nipple cup? I know there are pads and we use them to stop leaking on clothes .
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