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Still no Teeth

we still have no teeth. I am beginning to think we are never going to get teeth.


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Re: Still no Teeth

  • My kid only has the two bottom ones and seems like he working on the top. He is a HORRIBLE teether and wakes all through the night screaming in pain.
  • No teeth here. 9 months today.
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  • 9 1/2 months and no teeth here yet either. I sm still nursing so its probably helpful :)
  • None here either. 10 months on the 5th.
  • We are ten months on the 3rd. I have a feeling that five are going to come in at once


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  • jdrdnrjdrdnr
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    We turned 9 mos in May 26 and she just now has one that has started to poke through!
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