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Will my doctor print a picture of my ultrasound at 8 weeks?

I am having my second ultrasound on Wednesday June 3... This is my third ultrasound. I will only be 8 weeks and the reason why I have already had two is because I had one at the hospital when I was having terrible cramping and even though I was reassured that everything was fine, they are suspecting a twin pregnancy. BIG SURPRISE to me, as no twins run in mine or my husbands family. Three days later they ordered one just to be sure every thing was ok. Everything was ok. It was too early to detect a heartbeat though. I was hoping that this week when they do my 8 week outer and vaginal ultrasound that they would print a picture for me?

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  • Thank you everyone so much for your sweet responses! My ultrasound tech is NOT the friendliest... However, in Toronto there is a place called "UC Baby" and they do scans there for $30 and will print whichever pictures I want! It's a totally safe place (beside sick kids hospital). At 15 weeks they will even make a recording of your babies heartbeat and and out it in a teddybear!! It's a really awesome place :).
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