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What would you do?

Hey guys.
SO my due date is coming up on June 24th. I live the military life style and want my mom to be here for the birth cause it's just me and hubby and we don't have family here in Oklahoma and my mom lives out in North Carolina. If you were in my shoes would you try and talk to your doctor about induction? (I know she will induce if i ask) I have read so much on being induced (around 28w 4d) and wanted to get some feed back from people who have been induced and what it's like. I know everyone is different but I am just curious to what your story is.

Re: What would you do?

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  • I would not ask about an induction. I personally, wouldn't induce my baby until well after the due date. I went over with my first and I was so afraid my doctor was going to mention it, but he never did and she came on her own. But I definitely wouldn't induce for that reason.
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  • Definitely wouldn't choose to induce. I know you want your mother there but your spouse will be and I think that's good enough not to put you or your baby in jeopardy by inducing
  • I was induced the day before my due date, my son was measuring a week
    Ahead so thats why. But i didnt have any of the horror stories people talk about, my labor including the recieving of pitocin was 10 hrs and he was 9.2 lbs and i delivered vaginally. I think you need to go with your gut on this one...
  • I'm the minority here but I think if you are 39+ weeks, I don't see why not. I mean, assuming everything is normal with your baby and your OB is on board****. It is important for me to have my mom there so I can relate with you in that aspect.
  • My husband is in the military, so our situation is somewhat similar to yours. We're in Louisiana but all family lives in Washington. I have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter already and I don't know anybody who could watch her while I'm in labor, so MIL was going to fly down to help out with her. But none of us know when we'll go into labor so it's somewhat stressing me out lol. I never thought to ask about induction (due June 20th), but I was induced with my daughter at 41 weeks and wouldn't recommend it because of the pitocin. (I was still in pain after my epidural because of the powerful contractions from the pitocin). See what your doc says and make your own assessment. I know how difficult it is to not live near family. Good luck.
  • I am being induced at 39 weeks 1day bc my husband works out of state and we want to make sure he will be there.. But I agree with what other posters have said it does make a difference if you are dialate do or effaced already.. I am already 60% effaced is why my dr is okay with it
  • I was induced with both my girls with no problems. I loved knowing what day and making sure my husband could be there. I also had my mom there for the first one. Now this pregnancy baby is breeched. He did flip we were planning to induce me next Thursday but now he's flipped again so c section it is. But nothing wrong with being induced!!
  • I'm with @katelinmillikin My doctor said since I was already thinning so much at 37 weeks, he wouldn't be opposed to inducing me at 39w2d. I wouldn't be for it if my body wasn't already prepping. From what I've heard, that's how you MAY end up with a C.
    I'm a little anxious, but I've had a couple friends tell me their induction stories that weren't too bad.

  • I wouldn't. Just bc you can doesn't mean you should. Babies need time to ripen and just bc they look OK on the outside doesn't mean they don't need time for their insides esp their lungs and brain. Trust your body & let things happen naturally. Every day inside helps baby to be stronger and serves a purpose. Eat healthy, try to walk or dance of you really want to help baby along. You don't know the neurological effects of a baby being forced from the womb before they are ready. Please make having a healthy baby your main concern and not convenience.
  • I get what you are saying, I really do.  Last time my EDD was 12/26, I hoped desperately that I would not go into labor before and be in the hospital away from our then 2 year old DD on Christmas, truly would have broken my heart.  Luckily DS was born on 12/29 and all was well.  This time I want my mom who lives out of state here as well and I hope that all works out.  But same as last time I'm not willing to take the risks associated with induction unless there is a medical reason.  Seriously just google 'risks to induction of labor' and see what pops up, there are real risks involved.  Now if there is medical indication for it then the benefits outweigh the risks, but just for convenience, sorry!  
  • ElRubyElRuby member
    Never even thought of an induction until my doctor mentioned it today (and she is not someone who casually induces or promotes unnecessary interventions)... I was sort of like ok... And now I am freaking out about it! But I go back this Thursday to discuss the plan... So I am really hoping nature happens first!!
  • I'm a FTM so I have no experience to offer...but I'm kind of with everyone else who says not to induce unless absolutely necessary. Why try to rush things just for convenience? If you call your mom when you first go into labour, depending on how long it takes, she may be able to make it down not long after and still see the baby.
    I know my mom was induced when I went a day past the due date but that was due to GD. So unless there is a medical necessity to it I'd say no.
  • I'm sorry you are right, I shouldn't have acted like an alarmist.  I guess my frustration stems from the fact that I feel like providers don't always give both sides in a case where induction is done for convenience sake.  @carapoli I really sorry what I said upset you.  Hope you go into labor soon :)
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