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Baby coming early??

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Had my 32 week check today and doc said that since I have GD, they won't let me go past my due date. Don't need to induce early but just can't be late. We then chatted about my ultrasound and first pregnancy and she said most of the time the second one comes the same timing as the first (water broke at 37 weeks 6 days) and she said since baby girl is measuring a week ahead, she doesn't expect me to even get close to my due date. Guess I need to finish tackling that to-do list!!!

Re: Baby coming early??

  • Yup. My husband and I have been ready since 30 weeks because the doctor said she can come anyday. Good luck! I'm now 34 weeks and she is still in there :) our goal is 35 and hopefully we will make it to 37
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  • irsamirsam
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    What is GD
  • GO is gestational diabetes
  • GD is gestational diabetes
  • How crazy :D 1st of June already. Feels like it was Christmas just the other day. Good luck mummas !
  • I went to the doc @ 31 weeks and my doc told me my cervix had shortened from 3.6 to 1.9 in two weeks. She put me on modified bedrest and I could only go in to work 2x a weeks--since I'm pregnant w/twin boys she said she was hopeful we'd make it to 34 weeks. I got steroid shots to help their lungs develop and she put me on progestrone.

    I'm 35w3d today and we are still not ready and still freaking out lol. I am really hoping to hang on until Friday when I'm 36 weeks but @ my appt last week, they told me I'm 3cm dilated so---fingers crossed for all of us "July" moms haha

    It feels like I've pregnant forever and at the same time it only feels like 5mins, 2nd trimester was over before I knew it and I didn't have nearly as much prepared as I thought I would!

    Good luck ladies!
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    Yes having the same issue. Except I already started to go into preterm labor at 29 weeks. I've had 4 shots to stop contractions and also the steroid shot for baby lungs to mature. So I'm praying he lasts at least 4 more weeks..I'm currently 32 weeks!! Had a positive FFN and also have GD!! Ugh.. :(
  • Yup, OB said today I will be induced at 38-39 weeks, as long as nothing gets worse (GD and history of pre-E)
    Maybe earlier if Bub keeps growing so fast - I've been put on meds - very strict control with my GD - in fact I'm losing weight-
    but baby is getting big :-/
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