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Excitement for baby...

Don't get me wrong I'm so excited to be able to finally meet our little man but at the same time I'm not excited. Does that make sense?
I just don't how to feel about it sometimes, and I think people get the wrong impression on how I say yes I'm excited.

Any other ladies feel like this?

Re: Excitement for baby...

  • "On how I say yes I'm excited" .. Elaboration and some re-wording needs to happen here...
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  • almakiealmakie member
    Hmm how do I put it, maybe it comes out bluntly? You know how some girls get squealy and high pitched happy?

    I'm not like that, but I feel like I'm meant to be.
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  • It's perfectly normal to have mixed emotions. I felt that way before having the baby and I still feel that way now that he is born. There are times that I stare at him in awe and amazement but there are also times that I miss just DH and I.
  • I am in same boat as you. I am excited but scared, unsure, etc. Then, like one of ladies said do not overthink. I did! LOL!
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