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Breast Pump Accessories -STM opinions

Just received my Medela In Style Advanced from my insurance company. It comes with the basics but I am wondering what else I may need /want to make the whole process more efficient. I plan to pump at work when I go back and while I have a "private" (only my boss and i use it unless there is a training event) kitchen and my boss is all for me taking whatever time I need, I feel that I should spend as much company time actually working as I possibly can (my parents pushed some heavy work ethics into me). So STMs, are there items that were a must have for you or that looking back you wish you had?

Re: Breast Pump Accessories -STM opinions

  • I would just make sure the breast shields fit your nipples well. It comes with an "average" size but if you're much smaller or larger pumping will not be as easy.
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  • A hands free bra is a must. I worked while I pumped sending emails and grading (I'm a teacher). Possibly get a second set of pumping parts. You can get kits with everything you need on amazon for pretty inexpensive.
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  • e1223e1223 member
    Yes to hands-free pumping bra - ESSENTIAL. Also, not sure if yours came with this, but a battery pack and car charger were helpful for me if I ever had to pump while out and about. Freezer bags (I liked the lansinoh ones the best but it's been 3 years for me). Also, 8oz bottles to pump into if you want - I know some women who just used the same bottles all day. I always just rinsed pump parts and put in a gallon ziplock in the fridge between pump sessions at work. The wipes are also good if you want to do a bit more than rinsing but I think fully washing after each pump at work is overkill - I just washed every night. Extra pump parts also a good idea. 
    • When you are in the hospital ask for a pump, most often they are hospital grade Medela pumps, but you'll get a whole set of parts to keep that can be used with the PISA. If you also have access to a lactation consultant, let them help you fit your breast shields.
    • Hands free pumping bra, or make your own out of an old sports bra.
    • Large ziplock bags to hold your parts. I ended up using small cloth diaper wet bags. They were perfect for this.
    • I had 3 sets of pumping parts as I did not reuse them with the ziplock in the fridge method. My husband is a saint for washing all of those each night. 
    • Clorox wipes for cleaning surfaces if you're using a shared space to pump in. 
    • Cooler bag with freezer pack for transport or storage during the day.
    • Freezer bags for milk storage at home, though I typically pumped right into the bottles that would be sent with her next day and only froze the Friday milk. Monday she got the oldest frozen to help cycle the stash.
    • You will pump more when relaxed, so some relaxing music or reading might help. Looking at photos of baby always worked for me too. 

  • I used diaper pins with my regular nursing bras rather than hands free bras and it worked great because I didn't have to worry which bra I had on (color) with the outfit. I agree with zip lock bag for pump parts, I rinsed mine and stored them between pumping and cleaned each evening. Freezer bags at home were great for storing milk and easy to transport and leave extra milk with my sitter. Extra bottles and nipples so you aren't washing every single day.
  • I had the pump-in-style. I recommend getting a set of lids for the bottles if you don't have lids. And get the funnel shield pieces that fit you properly.
  • You'll need LOTS of these! I forget how often medela says you should replace them but I was pumping 3-4 times a day and felt they wore out quicker. Whenever I noticed a drop in the amount I was pumping, I'd replace them and it helped a lot. Plus they're small and get lost easily!

    And definitely have the LC at the hospital help you for the flanges. If they're too small or too big you won't pump as much and you can seriously hurt yourself.

    As for freezer bags- I liked the lansinoh brand much better than the medela. I think they're cheaper and they hold more milk. But part, you can lay them down and they'll freeze flat until the medela so that'll save freezer space.

    The hands free bra is a must. I have the medela brand and would unclip my nursing brand and put it over top while pumping. I would register for 2. After a while the zipper began to wear out and it wouldn't stay zipped. Also good to have a backup for spills.

    You could also order/ register for a spare set of tubes. Mine never got milk stuck in them or dirty but after I cleaned mine (per medela's directions) water got stuck inside and it got gross.
  • Great list @PixelPosy! The tip about the picture of LO is dead on. I had my best pumpings when looking at them or their pictures.
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