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Sweeping Membrane ?

I'm 38w2d today. My doc told me at my 39 appointment she could sweep my membranes and there's a 50 / 50 % chance of it starting labor a few hours to a few days later. Has this worked or not worked for you? I'm hoping it helps start because I am ready to see my little one already!

Re: Sweeping Membrane ?

  • I got mine done with my first and then went home and had sex with DH. I first had some strong BH contractions and then they went away, I took a nap and went to the bathroom and my water had broken and 8hours later my son was born.
    It doesn't work for everyone to be honest. It may just leave you with painful BH contractions.
    So don't give your hopes up if it doesn't work for you but adding sex along after it helps.
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  • I personally wouldn't do that until 40 weeks! Even then I don't plan on it! Your baby will come when he/she is ready regardless! It doesn't work for a lot of people and is said to be very painful! But it does work for some, whether that's a coincidence or not, who knows! It's like anything... People say going to get a pedicure brings on labor but I'm sure it's just a coincidence! That's just my opinion though! :)
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  • I'm having it done at my next appointment, which is my last before my due date. I could of had it at this weeks but chose not to. Honestly I'm hoping they just admit me at my next appointment.
  • If my cervix is open I'll be getting it done at my next appointment (39 week appt) I'm hoping that it works but I'm a FTM so I know not to get my hopes up too high.
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  • I had it done Thursday at 38 weeks.....it is now Saturday and no baby lol Had sex that night as well....nothing changed. I really wouldn't get too worked up over it, it works for some people but baby is going to come when baby comes.
  • I had it done with my first when I was 5 days past my due date. Started having contractions within the next hour and had had my daughter within 12 hours. That being said- it was incredibly painful!
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    I had mine done with my first pregnancy at 39 and 40 weeks. I didn't find the procedure itself painful at all. However, afterwards it induced some seriously painful cramping. Though I did it twice and it didn't work the first time, I'm glad I did it. I feel it helped my cervix progress and maybe prevent induction?
  • It worked for me with DS but I will say it is not a pleasant experience.
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    I am due today (technically a May mom but thought I'd add my experience) and had a membrane sweep yesterday. It was much more painful than I expected (worse than a version I had 3 weeks ago) but I didn't have painful cramping after. No contractions or anything after, I feel the same. I'm not holding my breath it will help baby come on time.
  • I am gonna google up how membrane sweep works!
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    Had it done with my second son. I told her to do a good one too. I was also 5 days overdue and dilated to a 5 just walking into the office but not in labor. Anyway, that was around 5pm that she did it and I had him by 11:43 that night. It was uncomfortable but no more so then being 5 days overdue!
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  • Search bar... If you want info this has been discussed
  • Not familiar with the app but thanks for your input...
  • Good thread. I was just wondering the same thing. My dr introduced this option to me at my 37 week appt. But I think I'll just wait until the baby is past the due date to think about it again.

    Personally I'm not into all these random tactics drs try to do to induce labor. Think about it for years they said u were full term at 37 weeks and induced millions of babies. Now its 39 weeks. With that said they also say your baby is fine until 42 weeks. So we'll just wait. Unless there is some medical concern or distress Im going to let this happen as naturally as possible.
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