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Breastfeeding after a Breast Reduction

i had a reduction done almost 19 yrs ago. The surgeon told me that I would have a 50/50 chance of being able to breast feed. Anyone out there have the same procedure done? What was your experience when it came time for breastfeeding?

Re: Breastfeeding after a Breast Reduction

  • Oops I meant 10 yrs ago
  • You should find your local La Leche League group, the leaders there should be able to give you some advice and may even have a mom in your area that went through the same thing. It would be a great idea if you to go to a meeting(s) before you give birth, if you haven't yet. Also, make sure your OB or midwife know that you are interested in trying to breastfeed, they might have other resources for you to check out.
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