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Eye goop in 4 day old

my newborn has some runny yucky clear stuff coming out one of his eyes. Anyone try breastmilk for this?

Re: Eye goop in 4 day old

  • It may be a tear duct. My son has this. We were told to use a warm washcloth to clean it out. Although I've read on other posts that people have tried breastmilk and it worked great for them.
  • Breast milk worked for us!
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  • tchat1tchat1
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    MY daughter had this. Dr said it was a clogged duct. I used a warm compress (warm water and wash cloth) it was gone the next day and never came back. 
  • AntingAnting
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    My son had this issue a few days after birth. Doctor said it was normal and to use warm cloth to clean it. It went away after a few days.
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