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About to crawl?

I have a 7 month old (almost 8) who has been trying to crawl for quite some time. He's now at the point of rocking on his hands and knees, and does it all day. Most recently he started doing full push ups with his entire body off the ground, and even pushes his butt in the air from that position. Almost like a downward dog I guess is the best way I can describe it. Someone made a comment yesterday that he might go straight to walking because he's too strong to crawl...doesn't make sense to me but I was just curious to see what you guys think. Did your babies ever do this?

Re: About to crawl?

  • Sounds like he's about to crawl, and he's trying to figure out what his little body can do. My son did the rocking you are describing before he started crawling.
  • My baby girls doing the same butt in the air thing right now. She gets on her hands and knees but either shes not strong enough or it doesnt occur to her that she can crawl on her knees. When she wants to move forward she puts her belly back on the floor and kind of drags herself and pushes herself along with her feet. It seems like she is about to crawl. She is not very strong in standing or taking steps yet. It doesnt seem like she is about to skip crawling all together. though.
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  • It sounds normal to me.  My little guy was on the verge of crawling for well over a month, and then a week ago he just took off.  Before he crawls, he'll get on knees or stick butt in air while on his toes, but when he's ready to move, it's the army crawl.  So cute!
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