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Best positions to give birth

With my first I couldn't choose because I was in an old fashioned hospital that does it only on a bed and by now most of us know that that's not the best position to give birth, so what position worked for STM or what has your Dr told you FTM? Mine told me yesterday that most women choose to be on all fours.

Re: Best positions to give birth

  • I am a FTM but I feel that I will do whatever feels natural at the moment
  • mers90mers90
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    Yeah me too, but just wanted to know what other women did at the end or what other Drs recommend to try.
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  • I had a water birth but was basically on all 4s. Picture kneeling at the side of the tub with your top half hanging over the side. He was delivered behind me and passed through my legs. This time I will also do whatever feels comfortable at the time
  • I've heard that squatting is recommended because gravity. I did it lying down in the bed with no problems. I agree to do whatever feels the most comfortable at the time.

  • Did it lying on the bed both times so I'm not much help on this one
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    FTM but from what I have been told/read, it seems like you want to be as comfortable and relaxed, which typically means all fours, some type of squatting (sometimes supported by others), or laying on your side if tired.  We'll see!
  • afm27afm27
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    Squatting seems counter-intuitive to me, unless you're REALLY relying on others to support you. The balance, plus fatigued legs seems to make me think it'd be much more strenuous than traditional layin down. But, I'm a FTM, what do I know?! Lol...
  • @afm27 gravity helps in that situation, laying on your back is one of the worse ways to give birth it's basically done for the convenience of the dr.
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  • Depends on the person I think. Last time they laid me flat with legs up. Didn't ask what my preference was. They just put me there haha. I want to try something different this time around because I didn't feel like I could push my hardest in that position.
  • Squatting or all 4s etc, would mean no epidural, is that correct?
  • @mbrewington yes. Those positions or water birth can only be done without epidural. I labored in the water and on an exercise ball by when I got my epidural I was bed bound because you numb from the waist down.
  • all depends how tired I am by the pushing stage. Ideally stay as up right as possible but it does not always work that way when you have been labouring for several days with no sleep
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