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2nd Trimester

Look like im gaining weight.. Actually not!

i definitely feel like I'm packing the pounds on.. I guess because my body is changing shape and im definitely bumping up

Re: Look like im gaining weight.. Actually not!

  • but im reality I've gained nothing.. I lost 5 pounds in the first 3 months and haven't yet put this or anymore back on.. Should I be worried?
  • @Imorre11, as long as your OB is comfortable with your weight and you're eating healthy.... I wouldn't worry. I gained weight around my waist and up.... started to show more and my lil love handles moved to the front, lol. If it would give you piece of mind, ask your OB how much weight you should gain. I'm 26 weeks and I've gained 13 pounds so far and I'm eating alot! Hope this helps you a bit. I'm not too worried about my weight gain because I know I'll loose it and probably more weight once baby comes..... all I ask once my daughter is here to have 5 minutes a day to pee alone, lol.
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  • I've lost over a stone between 8-16 weeks pregnant but the changing shape of my body makes me feel like a huge bloater, lol! You're not alone!
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    I also feel like I look like I have gained but have not actually! The Dr. put me on a nutritional shake supplement today so that I will gain by next appt (I'm 18 weeks now).
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