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Weight and Pregnancy

Hi guys!

First antenatal appointment today, was super excited until I got told I'm overweight.

Seriously, who tells a pregnant woman she is overweight?

Anyways, I'm not massive, yes I weigh more than I should but I'm not a big lady. I gained some extra weight earlier the year because I quit smoking - cold turkey during my planning of getting pregnant.

They requested that I go for an earlier glucose test, which is fair enough!

I'm just sitting here in my bedroom, crying like a 2 year old. I was excited, my first appointment at the hospital... I understand that why they monitor this stuff, but so far my research shows that a bit of extra weight doesn't cause massive issues, however you can be more prone to specific pregnancy problems and may be difficult to find bubs heart beat.

Well, midwife found mine quite easily today, literally the first spot on my belly without pressing hard or looking.

I eat extremely healthy, more so now than ever before, salads, fruit (in the right quantity) and lots of water.

I feel devastated, I feel fat already, I feel even worse about myself now and not feeling excited as I was.

Please tell me I'm not alone, I'm feeling extremely alone.

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  • I know that I'm overweight however my first appointment they told me how I'm obese and although I've lost over 1 stone in the past 8 weeks whilst pregnant, I'm still obese! But rubbish knowing you're losing weight and belly is still getting bigger! But hey ho, once your baby is here everything may change once your crazy hormones go back to normal!!
  • It's your doctor's responsibility to warn you of any potential pregnancy complications. Sometimes, that means pointing out your weight, as that puts you at higher risk for some potentially life threatening complications down the line (more prone to gestational diabetes, UTIs, preeclampsia, and labor complications). Don't let it get to you. Keep eating healthy and stay active, and you and bubs will be fine.
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  • @mummabearoftwo, I can definitely relate to how you're feeling. I switched OB's because of comments made to me like you just described. This is my first pregnancy and I decided that I didn't need a negative doctor in my life. Noone is the perfect mom, no pregnancy is perfect! My old doctor made me feel like complete scum for getting pregnant at my age and my weight. I switched docs and I'm so happy and confident now..... my baby is healthy and very active and I've had 0 complications so far at a little over 26 weeks. You're not alone with the weight issue.... remember this is your child, not the doctors and as long as your following their advice..... don't worry. I told my new OB that I feel like an out cast and he almost laughed because he felt badly for me, etc...... I'd love to be thin but I'm me, take it or leave it! Stay positive, your mood plays an important part in your pregnancy. Laugh often and smile even more, you're fine!
  • Thank you Peach&Dan,

    I felt super down and today I feel almost guilty when I have something to eat so I've limited my food intake.

    I had a big craving for carbs the beginning of my pregnancy and I ate a lot of pasta which I don't think helped.

    I don't know, she made me feel guilty the way it was handled and I guess I feel hungry but I don't crave food today, makes me feel guilty thinking about it.

    I've seen women larger than me, pregnant and okay, maybe just a sensitive thing to hear when you are feeling huge already.

    I appreciate the comments, makes me feel not entirely alone and silly.

  • @mummabearof2, you're welcome!
  • groovylocksgroovylocks
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    There is absolutely a difference between a pregnant lady that gains weight and a pregnant lady that gains too much weight. Not only do your risks go up but your care requirements and weight gain requirements and dietary requirements change completely. 

    It's not a bad thing that your doc told you. You want to have a healthy pregnancy and make sure you are managing it correctly for the current state of your body, right?

    PLEASE don't take an emotional view of this thing. PLEASE see this as the potential medical complication it is. This is not fat-shaming or any other PC thing you want to throw at it. It is a potential risk. Please take good care of yourself and your wee'un. 
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