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Thin cervix Question

Hi everyone

I'm 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant the doctor told me my cervix is really thin but I'm not dilated however my doctor don't want me to walk or have any sex. She told me I have to realx and stay laying down or sitting. Does this mean my baby can come any day now? & if so would it be safe for the baby to be born now.. I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow.

Re: Thin cervix Question

  • Hi there, these sound like questions better asked of your doctor as we can't know when your baby will be born. If you want to check out our weekly appointments thread - which should be on page 1 - you will find a bunch of us talking about effacement, dilation, all that stuff and you can see what we are all being told by our docs which might help. I'm sorry to hear you are being restricted from so much! Join us on the Appointments thread to share and commiserate!
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  • Thank you I hardly go on here
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  • KreslaKresla member
    I'm not a doctor but I can tell you that if your doctor has told you to lay down or sit and basically not move around too much then your doctor probably fears an early delivery. My guess is if you do what he says, you could very well carry to term. Now if baby was born tonight, he/she may need help with the lungs as they are the last to fully form. However, my doctor told me after I got to 35 weeks, he would deliver my baby if I would go into labor before I was due because babies born after 35 weeks generally are perfectly fine :)

    Relax and listen to your doctor. Best of luck and hoping you carry to at least 38 weeks!
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