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Birth plan and delivery

Can my OB refuse anything that I request as part of my birth plan? What if anything can I refuse during labor/delivery?

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  • Every hospital has there own policies. Plus I'm guessing if you were requesting something they considered dangerous they would refuse.

    You can refuse any kind of medical treatment,medicine or procedure.

    Are there particular things you are concerned about or wanting to include in your birth plan that you think could be an issue? Perhaps if you have a specific concern the ladies here can share their own experiences with either refusing things or being refused things by their OB.

    I'm in NZ and our hospitals are very, "do whatever works for you." generally speaking. Only safety things become an issue, like you can't light candles or oil burners because there is oxygen piped into the rooms and it's a fire hazard etc
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    I keep hearing about this ...what exactly is a birth plan?
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  • Yes, your doctor can refuse your requests.  If for example you said you wanted your SO to catch the baby and the doctor wasn't comfortable with that he/she could say 'no'.   

    Provided you are capable of making decisions for yourself (you are not unconscious or something) you can refuse any and all medical procedures. 

    Best to put together a short list of birth preferences and bring them to a future appointment, see how supportive your provider is.  It's never too late to change if you feel it will be a fight! 
  • Thank you ladies for all of your suggestions/advice!
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