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OB/GYN Dillema (Hoboken area)

Hello!!  This is my first pregnancy (I'm 10 weeks pregnant) and I'm currently freaking out about what OB/GYN to choose.  I live in Hoboken and have been seeing an OB/GYN there, but absolutely do not want to deliver at Hoboken Medical Center.  I would love to deliver at St. Barnabas or Overlook, but the DR's offices are in W.Orange, Summit or Livingston.  I work full time in the city so it will be difficult to get there, anyone else in this situation that can give advice?  I know the city is an option but I'd rather give birth in Jersey.  I'm having anxiety attacks over it LOL!

Re: OB/GYN Dillema (Hoboken area)

  • I currently go to Brescia and Migglaino in Hoboken.  There are a few doctors and you need to see all of them at least once, their reasoning is that it could be anyone of them on call the day you deliver.  So far I have had positive experience there.  They all work out of two hospitals, Palisades Medical Center and Englewood.  Both of which are amazing hospitals.

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