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Dreams of having a vbac

i had my daughter for an emergency csection after an actually pretty good uneventful labor but my daughter was breach and I had been pushing for like 5 mins when they realized ... I really want to have a vbac for this baby I hated having a csection and everyone one that tells me I'm so lucky I had one I want to punch in the face the only problem is this baby is kinda earlier then I wanted and I'm hopping my body is healed enough to have a vbac my daughter is only 8 months old

Re: Dreams of having a vbac

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    You'll have to talk to your doctor about their thoughts and preferences regarding a VBAC on this baby. The current recommendation for minimizing scar problems during delivery is to space deliveries by 18 months. I"m not sure how pregnant you are, but with an 8 month old, your maximum is going to be probably 17 months? There are definitely people who have VBAC'd with less time between deliveries, but your doctor might have concerns. Talk to him/her and if you don't like what they have to say, get a second opinion. If the second opinion concurs, that's probably your answer.
  • My son born via csection is 5 months old...I think my hopes of a VBAC may be out the window. This was a complete surprise and my DH doesn't even know yet!! I'm telling him on Father's Day :)
    Though I'm more nervous to tell my Dr then him.
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