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2nd Trimester

Glucose test and gaining weight

I've been eating a lot of carbs thru my first and now second trimester. The last appt the doctor warned me that a 7lb gain in 1 MTH is unhealthy and I need to ease up on processed carbs unless I want to find myself pricking myself with a needle 4 times per day. How have you ladies been eating and gaining? Also what should you be doing right before the GD test (not eat, not eat carbs, sugar etc)?

Re: Glucose test and gaining weight

  • Your consumption of carbs is not indicative of how your individual placenta + pancreas = processes sugar. Diet has no effect on the diagnosis of GD.

    You could be vegan or Paleo (read: limited carbs & sugar) & still test positive for GD. A dear friend of mine eats cleanly, is not obese & still has GD. It's luck of the draw on how your body processes sugar while pregnant.

    That said, processed carbs & sugar aren't really good anyway. So, for general health it's a good idea to limit them. If you want to make the transition it's a good idea anyway.

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  • @beebe84 : you should follow whatever instructions your doctor/lab gives you before the GD screen.

    I was told to eat normally for the days before then fast the 12 hours prior to drinking the goo. Others are told to eat a protein heavy breakfast. It varies. So you need to ask your provider for specifics so you get accurate results.

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  • Your doctor is trying to scare you with that comment. Gestational Diabetes is an insulin resistance that is effected by the hormones your placenta is manufacturing. I have gestational diabetes.
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