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Abbreviations on notes


I wondered if anyone could help, I've just noticed that the sonographer wrote 'FHD' on my notes, I can't find what this means... Has anyone else had this or know what it is? I'm really worried incase it's bad :(

Re: Abbreviations on notes

  • If there was something wrong, you would be made aware by your doctor. Don't worry.
  • Ask either your sonographer or your doctor. The large majority of us on these boards are not medical professionals. 
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  • FHD usually stands for Fetal Heart Doppler.  It's usually followed by a number but if it's not that just means that the baby's heartbeat was heard.  I had the FHD thing on my level 3 ultrasound (I'm highrisk) and that's what the tech told me.  Hope that helps.
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