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Ttc missed period bfn

Two years ago my DH and I gave birth to our dd. Her birthday is next month and my dh and I have been Ttc since January this year. I have always had regular cycles. Jan and feb I got my periods and just thought, "well... Always next month". Well... March rolled around and AF never showed up. My heart skipped a beat and I thought for sure that it was our month! I took a million pregnancy tests which all came back bfn. I kept thinking my period would soon be on its way. April rolled around and I started experiencing all the symptoms. Low back ache, tender breasts and the like, but kept getting BFNs. At one point I sat down and thought I was forcing my body to have the symptoms because I waanted it so badly and my husband was putting alit of pressure on me every day by asking constantly, "are we pregnant yet?" So I stopped testing and stressing and let it be for a while. Then about a week before AF was scheduled to arrive, I started to spot. It was so light pink and only when I used the restroom. My heart fluttered at the sight. It lasted about 4 days and never increased in flow and then disappeared. I reluctantly took another test. Another bfn. It was then I scheduled an OBGYN visit. They couldn't see me for almost 3 weeks. I waited and hid my test stash from myself and swore to just let things be. Well may came around and I went to my first appointment. They scheduled an US for two weeks out and threw a cancer scare in my face. The doctor was like, "well you aren't pregnant...we aren't sure what's causing your period not to could be your thyroid, could be a cyst...but do u have a history of cancer in your family?" I looked at him confused and thought about it, "yes, 3 aunts with breast and my grandfather died of testicular cancer." He just looked at his clipboard for a moment and then said, "well then we definitely want to do some blood work and schedule an US just to be on the safe side." My head started I have cancer? I cried on the car ride home. A week and a half later I went in for my second appointment. They did an internal and external US. The doctor came in and did a pap. "Well mrs.faslun, your thyroid looks good, you don't have a hormonal imbalance, we didn't see any cysts on your ovaries, the lining on your uterine wall looks fine and we've ruled out cancer. Other than producing a little extra testosterone you're perfectly fine. To be frank, we aren't sure what's wrong with you." I stared at Him for a minute. Part of me wanted to panic, the other half wanted to jump for joy. "No clue at all?" I asked and he shook his head and said something about me maybe syncing to another females cycle and then asked if I had any new female friends. I told him yes and then He prescribed me some pills to take for 10 days and said it would force my period on the 11th day. I went home and have stared at the pills for a week now...I haven't taken Any more tests but the news hasn't stopped dh and I from trying...I'm at a loss for what I should do now, feeling hopeless and less of a woman. It wasn't hard to conceive my first... Why now all the problems? If anyone has any similar experiences, please share...I could use the comforting. And if anyone knows about the pills the doctor prescribed, are they worth taking? I don't like drugs and don't like putting chemicals into my body...any info would help. Ty. 3 month no show now.

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    Well, firstly, if you don't know what the pills your doctor prescribed are and how they work, exactly, you should call your doctor or visit your local pharmacist and ask. Likely somebody here has taken them (there are a couple of medications used to jump start your period), but nobody here is going to speculate on what they may be!

    Secondly, pause, breathe and be thankful that they didn't find anything wrong with you. 

    There can be so many reasons your cycle is off. Stress (about conceiving), other changes in your body, maybe you just had a long cycle. But if you want to get pregnant, you have to have cycles. And if it's not coming back on your own, you either have to trust your doctor or not. There is plenty of information on this board about how to take charge of your fertility through temping and charting. But likely the best advice right now is to ease up and de-stress. Sometimes bodies just get stuck on a cycle and it's just an anomaly. 

    If you are still concerned and don't feel confident in your doctor's opinion, schedule another appointment with another doctor and get a second opinion. It is *always* worth it if it gives you peace of mind. 

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  • Thanks girl, pretty much what I've been thinking... I have been super stressed and it could have been a really long cycle...who knows.
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    Ditto at what @jnissa said.  Also,  it can take a healthy couple a year to get pregnant.   Almost all women have an anovulatory cycle or two in their lives.  It's very likely that your doctor gave your Provera to jump start your period.

     Please keep in mind that this board in particular is for women who have been trying a year or more (or six months if you're over 35), or those with a pre-existing infertility diagnosis.  If this doesn't describe you, then a great place to continue on your journey would be the Trying to Get Pregnant board, where there are many more women with a similar experience.    

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