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My VBAC dreams feel squashed

So I'm nearing the end (37 and a half weeks) of my pregnancy and I know things are different for everyone and every pregnancy is different... But I can't help but think this pregnancy is going to end in another CS.

Today at my apt I had another internal today and I'm still closed and not softened at all. The doc said that typically with 2nd plus pregnancies that by now most moms are at least soft a little and starting to dilate. He said since I didn't progress with my first there is a larger chance I may not this time around and it's kind of making me feel like my chances at this VBAC are getting slimmer and slimmer.

I had a decent CS recovery last time (due to failed induction and failure to progress) but I just don't wanna have major surgery again, especially not with a toddler. And with my CS last time I honestly feel like I missed out on her birth bc I was out of it for a little while. Then I had to recover in a room by myself and didn't see the babe or anyone but a nurse for almost five hours after she was born.

Someone tell me there is still hope and that I'm just reading into what my doctor is saying.

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Re: My VBAC dreams feel squashed

  • Your doctor is wrong....some women have no cervical changed until labor
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  • I was 3cm for two weeks in fact on the day before I had my daughter I was 3cm but yet at 8am the next morning I went into the hospital at 7cm and by 11 I was able to start pushing although I had to have a csection becouse my old idiot doctor who told me my baby was head down my whole pregnancy was never head down she was always butt first
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