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1/2 ounce only per day....can i stop cold turkey?

So, my son turns 1 in three days....My goal was to give him as much breast milk as I could before his first bday and then stop. I gave him full nursing sessions until I went away four months ago on skii trip where my supply then dropped. After the trip I was only making 15 oz a day versus 20 something and had to express on the trip. When I came home I chose to pump and still nurse but also start giving him organic milk based formula. Over the weeks I stayed at roughly 15 oz a day until I got sick three months ago. Then my supply went down to 9 oz a day. I was pumping two times a day and only nursing once a day and filling the rest of the feedings with the formula. 

Then I found out I am pregnant again. The sessions began to hurt me and decreased my supply down from 9 oz/day to 6 oz / day to 4, etc. over the last three months.

Over the last month I decreased to one pumping session and made it basically the time inbetween the two original sessions. I stopped nursing him two weeks ago in the morning (that was the only nursing session) as I wasn't getting much and was giving him formula right after anyway. Last week I saw decrease from 2 oz to 1 oz and pain has been worse. I can describe it as someone poking my nipple hole with a needle when I begin pumping. I take it as a sign my body wants me to stop. So the last two nights I pumped a little shorter time and only got a little less than 1/2 ounce from the one session. 

My ultimate question is: Can I stop cold turkey at this point? ? Or should I still pump ? 

Re: 1/2 ounce only per day....can i stop cold turkey?

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