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Cat napping rant

Does anyone else have a chronic cat napper on their hands? DS is 14 weeks and started taking naps that were only about 45 minutes a month (maybe two?) ago, I thought it was just a phase he was going through, but it has only gotten worse. First it was 45 minute naps, then 30-35 minutes, and now it's down to 20-25 minutes. If he had it his way, he would take 6 20-minute naps a day. He's never been a champion sleeper, but sleeps ok during the night, usually only waking up twice to breastfeed. But these micro-naps during the day are killing me. I barely have time to use the bathroom and grab a bite to eat, let alone get ANYTHING else done. I've started putting him down drowsy but awake for the past two days, but there's still no improvement. He falls asleep super easy, he just doesn't stay asleep. Ugh, it's so frustrating. Wondering if this is just something I'm going to have to ride out, or if there's a solution I just haven't tried yet ... there's so much sleep advice on the internet, and yet most of it seems contradictory (increase wake time, decrease wake time, put them on a schedule, don't put them on a schedule, etc.). So confusing!

Re: Cat napping rant

  • I'm right there with you. No advice, sorry! I hope knowing that your not alone is comforting!
  • My 15 week old is the same way! His doc said it was normal, but it's hard to get anything done!
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  • @nikkiliz326 @kjmills17 Thanks ladies. It does help to know I'm not the only one. Still frustrating, but from what I've read it's not uncommon.
  • I am right there with you. I keep getting told that it will end by 6 months. To get me through it I just keep telling myself that I'm glad he sleeps well at night.
  • You are not alone my LO is a cat napper as well and has never been very good at naps it does keep me from getting things done but I keep telling myself it's better that he sleeps good at night which he does we are up only once or twice a night so it could be worse!
  • My son is 17 weeks and does the same thing! He sleeps through the night from about 9:30-10:00pm until about 8:00-8:30am but during the day he only sleeps for about 30min to 1hr at a time! It's frustrating
  • Yep. ✋✋
  • My baby is 19 weeks and is the same way. I'm told is normal because she sleeps through the night 9-7 ish... What I started doing again is wrapping her up in a soft blanket for her naps and it actually has helped her stay sleeping for a bit longer( maybe an hour instead of 20-30 mins)
  • The same here! Taking her for walks helps, she ends up sleeping in a stroller for up to 2 hours (if I am lucky). Otherwise just like you said, 15-30 min at a time.
    Also (like someone mentioned) what's been helping is making the room temperature a little cooler (68F-70F) and wrap the baby in blankets. It helps for my little girl to sleep longer sometimes.
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