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Not interested in eating??

I am exclusively breastfeeding and my LO was 15 weeks yesterday. He will go over 4 hours during the day without feeding when he is napping and when he gets up he is still not interested in eating. He will pop on and off the breast and is very distracted. He is still not sleeping through the night (eats around 9, 11:30 and then around 4am and up around 6:30/7). When he wakes up he is also not interested in eating. I think he is not sleeping through the night because he is not eating enough during the day but he screams if I try to force it on him. Anyone else going through this?

Re: Not interested in eating??

  • My LO was born Jan 4 and he's been distracted when feeding for awhile. The only thing that works for me is to lie on the bed with him with the blinds down and the light off in the same place each time. Then he feeds fine. Today I had to take him into the office with me and to get him to feed I had to lie on the floor with the lights off (and the door open because there was no window and it was otherwise pitch dark).

    As long as he's gaining weight, don't stress too much about how long he feeds for. He might be super efficient at getting the milk into him. There's no real "normal" for breastfed babies. Our eldest used to feed for hours sometimes, this one rarely does longer than 15 mins. Both are/were healthy weights.
  • My baby was born Jan 17th and has recently done the same thing. I'm exclusively breastfeeding and unfortunately, she is so interested in the world around her that she will only eat sitting up so she can look around the room. Which forces me to pump then bottle feed...if she's not sitting up looking around she screams and refuses to eat. It's very stressful. Hang in there, I'm hoping it's just a phase.
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  • Im right there with you moms, my LO was born in January 8th and he is so distracted that i have to wait for him to be really tired to feed him. He is bottle fed breast milk, we had a little reflux issue when he was youger. He has been like this for 3 weeks, its soooo stressful, so tiring, i really hope this gets better soon!!!
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